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Def Leppard

Def Leppard

  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2015-10-30
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14
  • ℗ 2015 Bludgeon Riffola

Def Leppard ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Let's Go Def Leppard 5:01
Dangerous Def Leppard 3:26
Man Enough Def Leppard 3:54
We Belong Def Leppard 5:06
Invincible Def Leppard 3:46
Sea of Love Def Leppard 4:04
Energized Def Leppard 3:23
All Time High Def Leppard 4:19
Battle of My Own Def Leppard 2:42
Broke 'n' Brokenhearted Def Leppard 3:17
Forever Young Def Leppard 2:21
Last Dance Def Leppard 3:09
Wings of an Angel Def Leppard 4:23
Blind Faith Def Leppard 5:33


  • Very Refreshing

    By truerock09
    Def Leppard conquered my imagination in 1987’s “Hysteria.” I have played that album more times than any other in my lifetime. Tracks like “Gods of War” and “Armageddon It,” as well as “Rocket” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me” are timeless. The band reached a special and spectacular plateau with wizard producer Mutt Lange. They harnessed the vibe of the eighties and turned it into a compilation of raw, untouchable power. Even MTV couldn’t get enough for a time. This self titled album is very refreshing. The last album I purchased was “Euphoria.” 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, tracks from this album signify that Def Leppard is hopefully getting back to their 80’s hard rock roots. However, if not, they still sound great.
  • As good as their classic music

    By Ta0star213
    This is an amazing album. I lost track of them because I didn’t like the way their style shifted. This album sounds a lot like Adrenalize. It’s such a treat to be able to listen to their new music after such a long time.
  • Help

    By djwantabe
    Where is the eighties Def Leppard I want to buy it not this help!!!
  • Where’s their music?

    By Antione the wanton
    High n dry please?!?
  • Great album

    By cv2030
    I enjoy listening to this album from start to finish
  • Seriously people?

    By Padfoot625
    I've been a fan since the EP came out. I'm an old school, die hard Def Leppard fan. I can't believe all these comparisons to High 'n' Dry and Pyromania. Bands grow and change, they evolve, do you all not get that? If they don't, they grow stagnant. If all their stuff sounded the same, you'd be complaining that they always sound the same. Diversity, people.No, it's not High 'n' Dry. It's not Pyromania. It's not Hysteria. It's new. There's exactly ONE song by Def Leppard that I don't like: Love Bites. These guys write and perform brilliant music. If you want to hear Pyromania, pull it out and listen to it.
  • Original albums

    By Scat392
    I really like this album, but will we ever be able to get the older original albums on iTunes?
  • Rock at it's best

    By Tyrone7991
    I just laugh at all the people who say "this isn't Pyromania" or "this isn't Hysteria". They obviously aren't true Leppard fans and probably just have not appreciation for music overall. Pretty sad. My favorite post Vault song, is Undefeated and Let's Go along with Goodbye off of Euphoria and all three are probably tied for first now. They write great harmonies, melodies, and riffs. It's all great and to be honest, this is as classic as it get's. The Sparkle Lounge was great with "Nine Lives" among others. My favorite albums from Def Leppard are Adrenalize and Retro Active, probably everyone elses least favorite. I saw Leppard in 2011 in Des Moines and it was great. I'm 20 and then I was about 12 or so and I saw people my age at the time there. I went with my dad as a birthday gift, and it was probably one of the best gifts I got. I think what people don't realize is that you can re-create music from the past. You can have the same premise, but you can't make music from the past and have to adapt with the times. I've watched a lot of the interviews from Joe and Phil online about promoting this and they just seem happy than ever about it. Can't blame them. Finally, great album and plan to buy it physically on vynl if I can find it. If not the full album digitally. Keep making music guys! You still have an audience despite electronic and pop music on rise.
  • Awesome Cd

    By Maryfab
    I love this CD can't stop listening to it in my truck there are some great ballads on it. I have loved Def Leppard since Hysteria came out my first concert was their seven day live concert a birthday present from my best friend & still my favorite present. This Cd sounds a lot like the vintage Def Leppard
  • I know... I know... Just wait...

    By Rake28488292
    Yes, high and dry and pyromania are the best metal albums of all flippin time. Yes hysteria contains (in my opinion) 4 of the best singles that have ever been written. But I have a few very good reasons for rating it 5 stars, even though I rarely ever rate anything 5 stars. 1. They have been playing a long time, and during that time, have constantly pumped out delicious, popular, amazing music, without going completely off the rails (or simply put, like if Judas Priest released a country album). 2. I think many of the people giving bad ratings would have given bad ratings if the album was the best material they had produced in their career, but it is the reverse of what I see nowadays all to much, believing that new music is better than old music simply because it is new, or in this case the opposite. Just because it wasn't written in 1983 doesn't make it bad def leppard. (although new music that isn't written by 80s bands can go jump off a cliff into a volcano) 3. Def Leppard follows a pattern. High and dry wasn't as good as pyromania, then def leppard changed. When hysteria came out, the original songs In the album weren't totally amazing, as expected. But over the next few years they produced some of the best singles ever written. So it seems that whenever def leppard switches it up a little, they seem to get better and better as time goes on, then switch it up again. Hoping on hope they release another album better than this one. Anyway some of the songs sound pretty good if you give them a chance. Let's go kinda seems cheesy though, almost like they tried to hard to get it just right.