Elevation - Really Slow Motion


Really Slow Motion

  • Genre: Instrumental
  • Release Date: 2015-09-30
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 19
  • ℗ 2015 Really Slow Motion

Elevation ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Aligning Hearts Really Slow Motion 3:23
Suns and Stars Really Slow Motion 2:52
Fjord Keeper Really Slow Motion 3:09
The Space Between Us Really Slow Motion 2:40
Cascade of Emotions Really Slow Motion 1:54
Zion Really Slow Motion 3:13
The Gravity of Love Really Slow Motion 3:17
Hero Really Slow Motion 3:02
Eternal Courage Really Slow Motion 2:24
The Birth of a Soul Really Slow Motion 2:06
Remembrance Really Slow Motion 2:36
Iridescence Really Slow Motion 2:46
Against All Hope Really Slow Motion 2:47
Elevation Really Slow Motion 3:41
Until the End Really Slow Motion 2:38
The End of the Beginning Really Slow Motion 2:51
Heretics and Angels Really Slow Motion 2:44
Illusions of Life Really Slow Motion 1:54
The Road Really Slow Motion 1:15


  • Stunningly, Achingly Beautiful Soundtracks for Life

    By Jim Ellis (DChiJEllis)
    You can find that all of these songs will fit into the soundtrack of your life. Uplifting, soaring scores of rich orchestral music. Highly recommended.
  • Progressive Powderkegs

    By artSavant
    Most all of this music inspires by relentless crescendo that explodes with bombast enough for a dozen 1812 finales. It's thrilling and by no means rote, but instead, dramatic variations on the same grandiose triumph. The piece Remembrance suggests how the talents of RSM might inspire in other ways. Maybe they'll vary the music between epic/heroic and elegiac/pastoral, so contrasting selections keep the power effective rather than gradually numbing. I want to buy the entire album, but fear it's exhausting, so I got the song mentioned above, along with Against All Hope and Until the End. All I really know is that anybody who can produce music like this deserves 5 stars for the life they've spent on their art.
  • In awe!

    By Just Himmel
    As a long time fan of Audiomachine and their Tree of Life album. I have found the tracks on Elevation to be just that Pure Elevation! This is the album of my life thus far! So glad to have discovered Really Slow Motion.
  • Pete's Dragon trailer music

    By moviefan28
    Hero song by Really Slow Motion
  • Awesome & Wonderful Score!!

    By Andrew & Tara
    This is a HARD TIME FIND album with this many scores THIS good!
  • The most Powerful Album in a long time !

    By Jiano Joel
    Elevation I wish I knew who you were or atleast who the composer is whether its a group or an individual.. this music not normal by any means and I feel lucky that I have found your music. My album comes out in March (Jiano Joel) my first orchestrated compostion is out on youtube and my music is simular to the sound of freedom as what this album illustrates. It sounds like you were influence by something or someone out of this world to create such powerful music.. Its impossible to say which ones my favorite song because they all make you leap out of the atmosphere and you began to think about hope but I will say I have Hero on repeat as in 50 times later its still original and I cant get enough of it.. Thank you for your hard work and for bringing music to life because it truly gives me hope.. the sound of Hope is evident in here.. Lookout for my album im coming to take this generation by Orchestrated music myself !
  • Inspirational

    By iCPXx
    Gravity of love is my favorite but all of them are good. Really slow motion's best album
  • Standing Ovation!!!

    By raver1629
    OMG!! Phenomenal!! Spellbounding!!! Wow!! Amazing!!