Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep - Liquid Mind

Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep

Liquid Mind

  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2006-03-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10
  • ℗ 2006 Real Music

Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Night Light, Pt. 1 Liquid Mind 5:09
Moment of Grace, Pt. 1 Liquid Mind 5:42
Journey of Peace, Pt. 1 Liquid Mind 5:48
Breathe in Me Liquid Mind 7:27
Adagio for Sleep Liquid Mind 7:38
Touching Calm, Pt. 1 Liquid Mind 4:15
Journey of Peace, Pt. 2 Liquid Mind 5:46
Moment of Grace, Pt. 2 Liquid Mind 5:23
Night Light, Pt. 2 Liquid Mind 6:15
Touching Calm, Pt. 2 Liquid Mind 3:32


  • Wonderful

    By liveinlight
    Liquid Mind is my absolute favorite music for energy work and meditation. It's is peaceful, inspiring and alive. Love it!
  • Love this!

    By LucieaHoneychurch
    I fall asleep instantly when I listen to this. Never heard the whole thing bc I'm out like a light after the 3rd song. Love it....
  • Lovely but sad.

    By a certain age
    This is beautiful and probably great for sleeping, if you're in a good mood to begin with. But if you're grieving, regretful or homesick, I wouldn't recommend it. There is a sense of nostalgia and solitude that made me want to cry. Had to turn it off.
  • Love This

    By anonymous1598
    This CD is simply amazing. It is so soothing and calming. It puts me to sleep even if I'm not tired.
  • Unreal

    By deisel1016
    I honestly think the first track,Adagio for sleep is the most BEAUTIFUL music I've ever listened to.
  • Can't Sleep Without It!!

    By K8s31411
    I've been sick for a few years & suffer much discomfort at night. This albums helps me relax & distract me from my pains. I sleep like a baby!! I can't live without it!! Even on the worst nights, I don't think I've gotten through the entire album without falling asleep! I can't imagine how incredible this album must be for people who don't have chronic illness~ it's A DREAM!!! BUY This!! Thank you!!!!!!!
  • Effective

    By RLBluesGuitar
    Do not listen to this while driving.
  • Amazing

    By Veedubs61
    I suffer from PTSD from my combat experiances. The music helps with getting into a better mood before my nightmares take over. And now i don't dread going to sleep as much as I used too and am able to relax a little!!
  • I listen to this when walking on a treadmill at the club

    By jhy9934
    Close my eyes and walk at 4.6 miles per hour and meditate, it is a remarkable experience, even better than meditating at home...Chuck Wild creates some really mindful wonderful music.
  • Knocked out by Round Two!!

    By D' Slow Sleeper
    I bought this CD to help me sleep better and I honestly have not heard this CD in it's entirety because I could not get past the first two songs without falling asleep! I only listen to this when getting ready for shut eye. I'm out like a light by the time I reach the end of the second track. It's really good! One Two Knockout!!