Let's Be Frank - Trisha Yearwood

Let's Be Frank

Trisha Yearwood

  • Genre: Standards
  • Release Date: 2019-02-15
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12
  • ℗ 2018 Gwendolyn Records, LLC

Let's Be Frank ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Witchcraft Trisha Yearwood 4:14
Drinking Again Trisha Yearwood 2:55
All the Way Trisha Yearwood 4:36
Come Fly with Me Trisha Yearwood 3:10
Over the Rainbow Trisha Yearwood 4:32
One for My Baby (And One More Trisha Yearwood 4:28
They All Laughed Trisha Yearwood 3:13
If I Loved You Trisha Yearwood 4:07
The Man That Got Away Trisha Yearwood 4:15
The Lady Is a Tramp Trisha Yearwood 3:35
For the Last Time Trisha Yearwood 3:51
I'll Be Seeing You Trisha Yearwood 4:05


  • Absolute Perfection

    By Dawgman1982
    Trisha Yearwood has always been a great singer. This album is her best yet. The song “For The Last Time” is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard and have played it now 10 straight times!!! Trisha has such a rich and calming voice. There is no way you can not like this album.
  • Wonderful voice

    By maxxford
    Love this music and Trisha you did really good.. brava
  • Not for amateur listeners

    By Me again, maybe
    **** WARNING this review may hurt some feeling**** This album is pure music, many have bashed this album for not being (insert complaint here) this album is for big band/Fran Sinatra fans. The orchestra is incredible, of course Ms. Yearwood's renditions are pure and unadulterated . Have heard plenty of musicians “make a song their own” and in the process destroy it. I am now hoping she does this entire album live, if she does, my wife and I will do everything imaginable to be front center.
  • make it go Away!!

    By casanova9
    ding dong the witch is dead..........worst album Ever and cover too she looks like the wicked witch of the West!!!
  • Let's Be Frank - Wouldn’t we all like to be....

    By Rich the Hip
    Okay - I've listened to all the songs, severa of them repeatedly and even a little tired of Last Time but as someof the reviews stated, and I repeat, no one is Sinatra. To give the Chairman his due, there will never be aother Sinatra. It doesn't matter what genre you come from - or think you come from - if you cover Sinatra, you better have the chops and Ms. Yearwood has them. The arraignments, the orchestration and the vocals are spot on. I'm a country fan and I grew up listening and playing the "big bands" and American songbook - you can't tell what genre Ms Yearwood comes from, which some people have complained about. Who cares? If you can cover the music and do it more than justice, fantastic and Ms Yearwood has done just that. I agree with one comment - leave Over the Rainbow alone, Frank had better and more popular songs in his repertoire. All in all, musically, this is great recording. Would love to hear it on vinyl with the pops and hiss - would really be a trip down memory lane.
  • Not C&W Twang

    By jefoster44
    I purchased this s few weeks back and enjoy it very much. Despite some reviews I found no Country Western tones in fact if you had no idea who Trish Yearwood is a country performer you would think she was a new Diana Krall. Trisha has a strong voice and the background orchestra is first class. The songs are upbeat. If you want to hear a female do an excellent job on the American Song Book I recommend this album.
  • Very Frank

    By WSN3
    Listened to One For My Baby on SiriusXM and had to have the album. Just marvelous.
  • Only one..

    By llww99
    I was looking forward to hearing this album. I didn’t really like the collection of songs. I think Over the Rainbow should be left alone for the next 100 years. So over done! I really love the song One for my baby, and was looking forward to hearing her version, as I have loved her ballad songs in the past. This version is bad IMO. I just think that she could have really made a great torch song out of this but missed the mark completly with it being so over done. The man that got away was ok but not great. It is the only song that I would consider buying. Over all the album is a miss in my book. Sad to say. I love Trisha and appreciate her talent. Just wish she wouldnt have tried so hard on this.
  • Frank would say . . nice try kid

    By Salmon Kev
    Sorry, but very few of today's singers bring anything fresh or even pleasant to these standards and I wish todays' singers, producers, labels would quit trying. It doesn't work because in almost every case such efforts are technically sound, but emotionally dead. Younger artists lack the emotional range and depth required to bring these heartbreak songs to life in a way the listener can believe speaks to the heart. What's the answer then? Write your own standards or work with composers that inspire you and relate to you on a very deep level in your life now. Sorry, not sorry this effort is mediocre. It's okay Trisha, you're not the first to come up short on these classics.
  • Well Done

    By GM 1967
    I love all kinds of music when it's good, and this pretty great. It's funny when people critize a female that is singing Sinatra music ( I have read a fewreviews that state this) because these songs have been done numerous time by other women. These songs are not just Sinatra songs these are great American classics that should be sung. And since we are losing this style I for one applaud Trisha and others for keeping it alive.