Paradise - KMFDM



  • Genre: Industrial
  • Release Date: 2019-09-27
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12
  • ℗ 2019 Metropolis Records

Paradise ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
K.M.F KMFDM 4:22
No Regret KMFDM 4:10
Oh My Goth KMFDM 5:02
Paradise KMFDM 7:59
Wdywb KMFDM 5:03
Piggy KMFDM 4:24
Disturb the Peace KMFDM 5:41
Automaton KMFDM 4:16
Binge Boil & Blow KMFDM 4:17
Megalo KMFDM 4:30
No God KMFDM 3:53


  • Great Album KMFDM is awesome

    By HBIC33
    Great album to add to the rest I have
  • I love it

    By Definitelyarocker
    There are quite a few songs on here I will listen to over and over again. Best I have heard from KMFDM in quite a few years. I gotta say though, I am a big Skold fan and one thing is definitely true, KMFDM is good right now but would definitely be great if they tried to bring him back and vice versa. Listened to Time new project Not My God, definitely wish it had KMFDMs upbeat sound to balance it. But thanks KMFDM for restoring my faith that there are still some bands out there that are still trying to come out with a good album.
  • It’s OK.

    By 621311donnie
    There’s enough good content on this album to say it’s not a disappointment. If you’re a long time fan of KMFDM, there are enough new wrinkles on this album, which is a welcomed change from virtually every album since the MDMFK album. Like most KMFDM records for the past 20 years, a significant amount of the lyrical content is political in nature, which has gotten old. In addition, Lucia’s angry screams is a tired formula. Overall, this isnt a bad record, but it’s a far cry from the version of KMFDM most fans still crave for.
  • Amazing As Always

    By ppangpoong
    They’ve never disappointed me, they did well and I’ve been playing it on repeat. I really love what they did with Megalo and WDYWB is my favorite song off the album. I LOVE KMFDM! 🖤
  • And the kids just love it

    By Cocytus
    I was stoked to hear kmfdm is back and doing it again. Typical themes and familiar phrases bring you back to their previous tracks. Far more experimental than some albums, rounded out by the indomitable vocals of Sacha, Lucia, and stoked to see Watts back again!
  • Badasses.

    By Ancient Jetties
    KMFDM doing what they do best, 20+ years on, bringing us the signature push-pull between the digital/analog, light/dark. Perfect for a dystopian motorcycle ride on an acid-rainy night.
  • Awesome band!

    By 80's 4 life
    I don’t understand all the negative reviews. I’ve been into KMFDM since the early 90’s and not all of their albums I’ve loved, but this one is pretty good. Give it a few more listens before you bash on them.
  • Another great album from KMFDM.

    By Industrial_Madness
    Awesome effort from KMFDM. This is what pure industrial music is supposed to sound. Love it.
  • KMFDM Better than the best!!

    By mwc414
    They still got it! And saying what I’m feeling!! Can’t ask for more! But you get Raymond too!! Too awesome!!
  • Review change

    By ArcanVm
    Awful. I hung in there for decades and loved this band but they’ve lost the plot now. This is all entirely phoned in sell out trash. Insipid poser rebellion crap that licks the bottom of the corporate boot against progress while claiming to be against the grain. RIP