Father of All... - Green Day

Father of All...

Green Day

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2020-02-07
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11
  • ℗ 2020 Reprise Records.

Father of All... ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Father of All... Green Day 2:31
Fire, Ready, Aim Green Day 1:52
Oh Yeah! Green Day 2:51
Meet Me on the Roof Green Day 2:39
I Was a Teenage Teenager Green Day 3:44
Stab You in the Heart Green Day 2:10
Sugar Youth Green Day 1:54
Junkies on a High Green Day 3:06
Take the Money and Crawl Green Day 2:08
Graffitia Green Day 3:17


  • Love it

    By @tedanscomics
    I don’t know why this album is getting hate, it’s good music, it may not be like Rock and Roll but it’s nice good
  • Uhh?

    By ava in chains
    I’ve got paranoia, Green Day... I will admit that there are a couple of good songs, but idk about this album. I was born in 2006, so if you’re trying to draw in new listeners, try going back to the early days. I’ve always liked grunge and punk rock, and my friends listened to some of my favorite songs and liked them almost as much as the newer crap they listen to (any sort of rap or pop). If anyone can bring back music like the 90s, it’s Green Day. I get that you wanted to try some new things, but it’s hard to dislike the pure sounds from the past. I wasn’t a fan of this album, but hopefully you’ll go back to your roots and write something better.
  • ?

    By The_smash-15
    I actually thought the songs were good I don’t know why everyone thinks they’re so bad
  • Legends

    By wwwhhfsvn
    Fixing good
  • Oh good god.... NO...

    By ftcskillsdirector3
    The above caption says it all
  • Just... Bad.

    By Jiggywitit878787890642
    Bland, Boring, Forgettable Corporate Rock.
  • Idk

    By Realistic Gamer 348
    Sound wise they’re there with the blasting guitars and pounding drums but this is easily some of their worst work lyrically.

    By Owenwwf
    How the hell is this Green Day this sounds like a 3 year old forced them to sound like the Jonas bro’s and so 5 year old girls listen to this crap, It baffles me that this is Green Day and I’m 11 THIS IS NOT ROCK THIS IS BUBBLEGUM POP like Backstreet Boys and Taylor swift
  • watered down garbage

    By brinick1
    i used to love this band with their albums from 39 smooth to american idiot, but i feel like after that they started to get kinda soft. i mean i tolerated 21st century breakdown and even uno dos tre and revolution radio but this, well i mean it just sounds like one big car commercial with poorly done balids in between. im pretty dissapointed
  • Better the more you listen to it

    By _Weeb
    When i first heard this album i thought it was alright, but then i listened to it more and more and than bought the cd (yes i still use cd’s). While i still prefer stuff like dookie and American idiot, this album is better than most people say it is.