King of the Delta Blues Singers - Robert Johnson

King of the Delta Blues Singers

Robert Johnson

  • Genre: Blues
  • Release Date: 1994-05-06
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17
  • ℗ Originally Recorded 1937, Originally Released 1961 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

King of the Delta Blues Singers ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Cross Road Blues Robert Johnson 2:29
Terraplane Blues Robert Johnson 3:01
Come On In My Kitchen Robert Johnson 2:52
Walkin' Blues Robert Johnson 2:30
Last Fair Deal Gone Down Robert Johnson 2:39
32-20 Blues Robert Johnson 2:50
Kind Hearted Woman Blues Robert Johnson 2:51
If I Had Possession Over Judge Robert Johnson 2:36
Preachin' Blues (Up Jumped the Robert Johnson 2:52
When You Got a Good Friend Robert Johnson 2:38
Ramblin' On My Mind Robert Johnson 2:52
Stones In My Passway Robert Johnson 2:28
Traveling Riverside Blues Robert Johnson 2:47
Milkcow's Calf Blues Robert Johnson 2:17
Me and the Devil Blues Robert Johnson 2:34
Hell Hound On My Trail Robert Johnson 2:37
Traveling Riverside Blues Robert Johnson 2:39


  • The Root

    By JammingFam
    When I was a kid, I heard Eric and I went “wow”! Then I found Duane and I bought a pair of shot kickers and started talking with a drawl. My soul was shook. But they were pointing to BB; Muddy and Elmore as was Jimi. But all these stops pointed to the one and its captured on this “vinyl”. Modern ears and technology might prefer today’s versions (and why wouldn't you love SRV and Duane) but by going home and sitting with Mr Johnson you’ll love it all that much more. Get the original and you get and appreciate better what followed. After 50 years of listening to the blues and jazz, I have revisited this album and like a good wine or story it is better with time and I appreciate it in a clearer way. Wonderful!
  • Awe yeah.. that’s the stuff man

    By 1badSpeller
    Man my soul just twinges when I listen to this magic man play. Sweet sweet sound. Pure. From the heart, energy that is timeless. Real music, you just don’t know unless you have heard it. Thank you RJ
  • Yea, I got the LP

    By Neal Starrett
    Doesn’t matter, it don’t get better than this in any format
  • The Same Song Over and Over and Over...

    By RocknRollaCola
    Regardless of the number of rock stars who were enamored with this obviously talented vocalist and guitar player, didn’t he essentially sing the SAME song with different words in numerous reincarnations? A “one trick pony” with an exceptionally great “one trick” deserves recognition and respect so that’s worth at least 2 1/2 stars out of 5. I know, it’s a different era (pre WWII) and what I find most striking about him is that you can hear the terrible effects of the “American experience” in his voice. Lots of deep-down multi-generational suffering, pain, sorrow, and other emotions going on. Many people say that ALL the rivers of American modern music flow back to him which is narrow-minded B.S. — I don’t care how many PhD’s squawk it. Johnson’s one trick IS highly influential (especially to the Blues, Blues-based Rock, Soul, R&B) but he didn’t invent it out of thin air. People have absorbed different musical expressions from the cultures they were exposed to over thousands of years and blended it in with their own. Africans weren’t singing and playing the blues, as we would recognize it, back in Africa before they came to the Western Hemisphere. Only parts of the Blues were remnants of their African past: love of passionate expression and rhythm, among those. So, yes, there’s a lot of Africa in American music over the last 150 years but there’s also a good deal of European, as well as other cultural influences, in what people are citing as the wellspring of modern music — the Blues. “No man is an island unto himself.”
  • Buy This!

    By cara richards
    If you dont have any robert johnson yet, get this. One of my favroite records i have
  • This guy

    By Jack Smith
    is dope as hell. You can really jam to stuff, even if people think the company sped up a lot of his playing. Good collection of his music, in fact if I'm not mistaken it's all of his music ever recorded.
  • Greatest Blues album Ever!!!

    By Greve-Davis
    I like this, but if you want the best deal you can get buy the complete recordings and the alternate take of traveling riverside blues(only on this album). only 20 dollars for all his recordings he ever had(at least all that we've found so far).
  • Come On In My Kitchen

    By Earwig53
    This has to one of the greatest Delta Blues pieces ever recorded... Robert Johnson transports a body to another time and place... Earwig
  • King of the Delta Blues - Robert Johnson

    By Magic Mark Man
    Just do yourself a favor and buy this. This is where rock all started. Before MTV, VH1, commercialism and big bucks for a hit record. Just a guy singing the truth and strumming an old guitar in a recording studio somewhere long ago. He made his niche, carved out of the southern delta blues. You can almost hear the old walls talking back in these recordings. It's not a perfectly clean, polished recording but you don't want it to be. Close you eyes, turn it on, turn it up and feel the blues. Clapton did and look how he turned out!
  • The King of Blues

    By Wolfeman120
    Still one of the greatest guitar players of all time and the best blues-man ever. Fantastic album.