Voyage - ABBA



  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2021-11-05
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11
  • A Universal Music Group Company; ℗ 2021 1221 AB, under exclusive license to Polar Music International AB

Voyage ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
I Still Have Faith In You ABBA 5:09
When You Danced With Me ABBA 2:50
Little Things ABBA 3:08
Don't Shut Me Down ABBA 3:56
Just A Notion ABBA 3:31
I Can Be That Woman ABBA 4:01
Keep An Eye On Dan ABBA 4:05
Bumblebee ABBA 3:57
No Doubt About It ABBA 2:56
Ode To Freedom ABBA 3:32


  • Voyage

    By Lolo Joe Vee
    I love ABBA always and forever
  • ABBA nothing more to say LOL

    By Ing
    Ok, so I will say more. I love they did another album. Those of us who grew up with them when they were new and together and then when the divorced and then the group ended no doubt will all “get” this album. The younger people that know their music from “Gold” and “Mamma Mia” may not be as jazzed about it, but it is an aural delight. It is literally like 40 years did not go by. It is as if they had another album back in the early 80’s. It’s glorious. Please make another…. Oh, & ABBA were not & are not a “disco” group. They did some songs influenced by or that could be categorized as “disco,” but that is just one small facet of their musical legacy. I hate it when brilliant songwriters get pigeon-holed. They do a variety of styles and this album is thankfully no exception!
  • LOVE IT!!!

    By scotth1969
    I was only 12 when ABBA broke up and I was so depressed!!i am so glad they got back together after 40 years !! What the world needs now is MORE ABBA!!!! Here’s to another album!! Missed the Fab Four, welcome back, you have been sorely missed!!!
  • Marvelous

    By BobbyPvP
    ABBA brought a speck of light into the darkeness of the musical world ...just as on their cover, and therefore that musical "light" it will be embraced in a big manner ... because we nned hope and the beauty of life to be celebrated... !!! Thank you for the music... ABBA and for the ABBA'tars!!!
  • ABBA

    By mynicknameisyaken
    I LOVE ABBA. So very happy.
  • ABBA is back!!!

    By Lifesucks2018
    AHHH!!!! I’m an ABBA fanatic!! Love this album. They are back! So happy.
  • Purely magical ABBA! So glad they’re back again!

    By Music660105
    This is so awesome! ABBA is Back! I have loved Abba ever since the beginning, way back in 1974, and I was about 6! Hearing SOS, Waterloo, Fernando; and then Dancing Queen - omg! Knowing Me, Knowing You, Take A Chance on Me. Everything they do is so beautiful! After 40 years of quiet; what an amazing surprise from these super and beautiful people. This music is so beautiful their new album after 40 years purely magical Abba! T
  • Like no time has passed.

    By KatieLove10921
    I’m enjoying this album, they haven’t changed a bit and it’s awesome!
  • Apple Issues

    By morgan1976
    I would rate the album 5 stars, but the mastering or something on this is terrible. Almost every song has the main vocals drowned out or too low. I’ve listened on my HomePod, AirPods, through CarPlay, my phone speakers (both downloaded and streaming) and the sound is the same; even on a family member’s device it sounds bad. I finally bought the CD and ripped that through iTunes Match (lossless) and it sounds amazing! I was listening to the CD in the car and was just blown away at how much better physical media truly sounds compared to digital. My 45 year old ears can hear the difference: vocals front and center, crystal clear.
  • Average

    By christmas elf
    I love Abba and find that they are at their best when they write and perform fun songs to listen to while combining with clever lyrics that tell a story. The height of this was and still is "The Winner Takes It All" with the runner-up being "Knowing Me, Knowing You." This album follows in the vein of The Visitors: songs that just do not stand out, except for the obvious single. Now, don't get me wrong; Abba does not embarrass themsleves with this album. It is just that I didn't find it reachable. Except for "Don't Shut Me Down," which follows structurally and musically equal to "One Of Us" and "When You Danced With Me, which show their musical-style dexterity a-la "Fernando" and "The Piper," the remainder of the tracks just are...well, bleh. "Ode To Freedom" is optimistic like "I Have A Dream" with an orchestration like "The Way Old Friends Do," but it could have used a shot of "Arrival" to emphasize the lyrics and bring the album to a grand close; instead, it just snoozes. Abba, to me, was never a consistent album group. Their best were Super Trouper, followed by Voulez-Vous, for complete projects. Other albums were just collection of songs. The lyrics on this album do show the same progression of maturity in their discography, yet I wonder if they are trying to reach younger fans, which I fear will not relate to the stories told. To long time fans, they will understand the sentiments expressed--as we grew up with them and are their same age. This album should be collected by die-hard Abba fans. It fits with The Visitors and The Album in quality, but lacks the strength that Super Trouper and Voulez Vous, or even Arrival, had. Abba is/was about fun and these songs just feel like a boring lecture.