Chanting Om - Music for Deep Meditation

Chanting Om

Music for Deep Meditation

  • Genre: Devotional & Spiritual
  • Release Date: 2006-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 2
  • ℗ 2006 Inner Splendor Media LLC and Banyan Enterprises

Chanting Om ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Om Music for Deep Meditation 38:01
Om With Harmonies Music for Deep Meditation 31:05


  • Thats allot of om's

    By 🎵ITunes player🎵
  • Night time meditation

    By kennybob63
    I took a page from Wayne Dyer's program and use om to go to sleep. Adding this to my practice has had great results. Dream imagery and refreshing sleep are the results.
  • Classic!

    By Alexzinho
    I'd been given Inner Splendor's "Chanting Om, Volume 2" and was really appreciative of the gift. I decided to check out the first volume and was equally impressed. I appreciate the pureness of the recording and its positive effects on my practice.
  • Im happy I got this cds.

    By Great Altat
    One of my favorites, very powerful and beautiful sound.
  • Music for Deep Meditation

    By Product Description
    Awe inspiring group chant of the sacred syllable OM. The perfect recording for your yoga, healing or meditation practice; or you can use it to simply uplift and bless any environment. This special and powerful recording features an ensemble of meditation and yoga practitioners singing the sacred syllable together. Each track is over 30 minutes long with the specific intention to allow the practitioner to sit quietly and dive into deep meditation for an extended period of time. In the first track, OM is chanted in a continuous unbroken stream of sound. In track two, gifted singers in the ensemble improvise adding harmonies and other musical dynamics. Review New Age is one of the most challenged genres to produce music that stands out, moves and inspires. However, "Music for Deep Meditation" taps into the most simple, most basic energies of the life force and attempts nothing more than to help its listeners ground and center in the heart, meditating on the most primitive and foundational sound in the universe, the "Om". This quietly and simply powerful album takes its audience through melodious and fluid variations on the Om, casting a veil of quiet reflection and inward focus. For those seeking support in their journey of the spirit, "Chanting Om" is an excellent step forward. --CD Baby
  • Just what I like!

    By 3324
    This is the first meditation music that I've been very happy with. Meditation music is such a personal thing and usually I'll find many, but not all, pieces on a CD that I like. With the Chanting Om, I enjoy the whole thing. It is a steady and peaceful chanting. I love to go on a long walk with my dogs and work out any problems that I've been facing while listening to this. I come away knowing that things will work themselves out. This medtation music probably isn't for everyone. Like I stated earlier, it is a very personal thing. I listened to the clips about 10 times before I purchased it. I knew that I liked what was on the clips but wasn't sure if it would be like that for all of it. It is just like that. So if you enjoy the clips, you'll be safe to purchase it. If you're not sure if you like the clips, I would try somewhere else. For me, it's great. Hope this helps.
  • Om the simple form

    By melliemar
    There are many CD's that use only the simple OM sound. This one is truly magical. One starts out with a simple solo OM and during the course of the CD; layers and layers are added to the composition to unfold a delicate OM balance to the universe. Thank you to the various artist who have worked on this recording.
  • Our Favorite!

    By Patrick Silverman
    Chanting Om is our favorite. We’ve played it on multiple occasions as low background music during work hours. It's soothing and rhythmic and transports the listener to a relaxed state. It is also a fabulous CD to play while doing yoga; it helps keep you focused while holding poses. Whether during meditation, yoga, or work, these CD’s are perfect for anyone looking to achieve a state of peacefulness.
  • Finally! The DEFINITIVE Om CD!

    By Beav37
    This CD was obviously made with great care and consideration for its listeners. I've tried many Om CDs and this one is, by far, my favorite. Absolutely worth the price! I've recommended it to all of my friends, who ended up loving it too! Incredibly relaxing and soothing!
  • Very soothing sound

    By Bis-kit
    This is the 1st OMCD I have purchased and listened to extensively. I have really enjoyed it and listen to it a few times a day since I have bought it. I listen to it most of the time on a computer at work, so do not always hear the intricacies of the chanting. It still provides a nice listening experience when listened to in this manner however. But put on a set of headphones or play it on a nice sound system and it is mesmorizing, energizing and uplifitng. It is different from other OM CDs I have heard in that it multiple persons reciting OM at differnt times almost creating a wall of sound. It creates a very soothing sound.