Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen


Bruce Springsteen

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1982-09-30
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10
  • ℗ 1982 Bruce Springsteen

Nebraska ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Nebraska Bruce Springsteen 4:32
Atlantic City Bruce Springsteen 4:00
Mansion On the Hill Bruce Springsteen 4:09
Johnny 99 Bruce Springsteen 3:42
Highway Patrolman Bruce Springsteen 5:40
State Trooper Bruce Springsteen 3:17
Used Cars Bruce Springsteen 3:10
Open All Night Bruce Springsteen 2:58
My Father's House Bruce Springsteen 5:07
Reason to Believe Bruce Springsteen 4:08



    By Uncle Joe's Tunz
    This is the best album by Bruce Springsteen and maybe the best album to come out in the 80s. Story songs and Bruce reveals his inner songs. Songs about the underbelly of America. I love the sparness of the album. They may have only been demos but I am so glad it was released this way. I grew to love Bruce after this song. I tried to get into him before this but never did. Now I conside him as one of the best singer songwriter and band leader. This is the one I come back to. Uncle Joe's Tunz! Uncle Joe's Tunz!
  • Perfect

    By gabanzas
    This is my favorite album of all times every song hits deep this is a emotional roller coasters..❤️❤️❤️

    By The Nukes
    I bought this album when I was in 8th grade and it's haunted me ever since. I listen to it every night when I fall asleep. I'm not lying. The outtakes are even better. Go listen to Losin Kind and Child Bride on You Tube. Best album ever in my mind.
  • Daring Masterpiece

    By Mwalimu_B
    Nebraska stands out among Bruce Springsteen albums for its refusal to follow the rules. Recorded in Bruce’s bedroom and released as it is, the album practically defines the Lo-Fi movement, and represented a risky move coming on the heels of The River, his most commercial and high selling album to date at that point. Most importantly, Nebraska is songwriting of the highest caliber: it solidified Springsteen‘s reputation for sophisticated and introspective lyrics, delving into the darkness the heart of what he has called “American isolation.”
  • Boring… at first

    By JTdesign
    I remember buying this album on cassette because I liked the first single, Open All Night, which was sparse, but still had lots of energy. Popped the cassette in my dashboard player and was immediately bummed out. It took me YEARS to really appreciate this record from a story-telling perspective. Musically, it's still a bit dull, but the lyrics are very compelling. … I recommend The Band's version of Atlantic City – stellar.
  • Early Americana

    By Springsteen Fanatic
    Nebraska has always been one of my favorites!! It’s a dark and haunting view of America in the 1980’s! Through these dark times Springsteen is able to reflect and give us a Masterpiece! This album ends with a ray of hope and we can all find a Reason To Believe!!!

    By southmpls
    I'd grown up in the eighties, knew Bruce from music videos and the radio, he was ok, not so much my thing.. few years back I picked this cd up, fell in love, fell real hard... Springsteen is up there with the all time greats.
  • new direction

    By rebelaxe
    the boss at his best all songs are excellent.
  • His best

    Of all the hours and hours and hours of music he has released, I only like 41 minutes of his music. And this is it.
  • The album scholars in 2082 will study

    By Tuty's guy
    In 1982, I had heard some (little) Springsteen music. I knew Hungry Heart, Born to Run, and was more familiar that he had written Blinded by the Light, Fire, and Because the Night. A friend gave me BTR (album), I bought Greetings at a flea market and started reading up on this rocker come Guthrie via Dylan and Memphis Soul. Then in October, Nebraska. No band, no bluster - just a guitar, a harmonica, and a voice. Stark, raw emotion. It was America in 1982...bleak, in recession, absent of the phony light metal pop you heard on the radio. This album led to the two strands of Springsteen's career: anthemic heartland messages blended with intimate portraits. Whether it's Atlantic City, Mansion on the Hill, State Trooper, or Open All will find the heart of Springsteen's work on this album.