Thunderstorm - Peter Samuels


Peter Samuels

  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2006-09-05
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 4
  • ℗ 2006 Global Journey

Thunderstorm ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Thunderstorm 1 Peter Samuels 21:27
Thunderstorm 2 Peter Samuels 7:44
Thunderstorm 3 Peter Samuels 21:17
Thunderstorm 4 Peter Samuels 7:32


  • (another) engineered nature recording?

    By elementalp
    I use thunderstorms recordings as background when I work and I have many such recordings. I've found that most nature recordings are actually engineered mixes of looped tracks. Nothing pops me out of the zone when I detect repetition in what is supposed to be a recording of natural sounds. This one is no different. I detect distinct repeating drops of water at regular intervals from track 2 through track 4. If you listen on headphones and you use such recordings to help you concentrate, then you will be disappointed by this.
  • Changed my mind!

    By Bethanylynn80
    For some reason the first time I listened to this, it must have changed to something else, because I thought there was piano music. There isn't - only thunderstorms! This album has become so incredibly calming to me, I listen to it all the time, I love it!
  • All Natural

    By Bob in So Cal
    I have been falling asleep to this album for many months now. I have severe sleep apnea, must use a couple different breathing devices, and so I frequently must fall back to sleep after waking repeatedly. I have two playlists I listen to, to help me get to sleep, and this is my favorite (the other is just plain rainfall). No birds, no streams, no other crazy sounds that would wake me up (Lord I still wonder why some people think it's relaxing to listen to birds chirping - they annoy me no end). This one is a bit more realistic than straight rain, and sounds the most natural of any I've listened to so far. The thunder in these recordings is not as disruptive to falling asleep as you might think. My guess is because they are at such a natural level to the sound of the rain. I put all four songs in their own playlist and turn the repeater on. I recommend them highly.
  • Forget sleep!

    By SR601
    This is a GREAT way to get some work done as the people around you jabber away . . . Great recording!
  • Drops in the foreground sound very repetitive

    By Looking for sleep
    The thunder sounds realistic and is not repetitive. However, there are raindrops falling in the foreground that sound exactly the same over and over again, particularly in track 1. I wish I had bought one of the other thunderstorm albums. Instead I am out $10 and looking for something better help me fall asleep tonight.
  • it's so good this is sadly the second time buying it.

    By sailor22
    i listened to this album every night until my computer was stolen. so i have sadly had to shell out another $10 for a second copy. i've listened to others and this is the only one that had the variety of all parts of a storm without getting too noisy. it's perfect.
  • Disappointed

    By Megmeggers
    Overall the thunder sounds were great but there was a repetitive mechanical clicking that occurred throughout the entire album. It almost sounded like the clicking of the tape that he used to record the sounds. Unprofessional and irritating. I could not sleep I only focussed in on that noise.
  • Southern Weather.

    By 182loadedwords
    As a person who as lived in Texas their entire life, I found this version of Thunderstorm sounds to be most comforting. Southern weather can get pretty crazy and it's not unordinary to fall asleep to the constant roll of thunder, especially during summer. This CD is just what I need to take me back to good old fashioned southern storms. I love it.
  • Amazing!!

    By mgobiet
    great for sleeping this gives me the chills every time i hear it. i had sleeping issues before i bought this and it has made all the difference.
  • Thunderstorm 1-4

    By Chug1948
    I would not recommend this soundtrack if you are a light sleeper. I was amazed that so many reviews said the trhunder was of no import and not distracting while I found the thunder recordings to be so loud that they did not compliment the rain. The rain portions were excellent; but, I found myself bracing for the peals of thunder which I knew were coming. If you turn the rain sounds up to a level that is enjoyable, you run the risk of being shocked awake by the thunder passages. As an Army veteran who rode around in tanks for 20+ years, I have had to sleep in some noisy evnironments. To me, the thunder is so harsh, that it takes away from the relaxation piece; however, I am a very lght sleeper and it might be a big deal to you.