Voilà (Bonus Track Version) - Belinda Carlisle

Voilà (Bonus Track Version)

Belinda Carlisle

  • Genre: French Pop
  • Release Date: 2007-02-06
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 15
  • ℗ 2007 Rykodisc INC All Rights Reserved

Voilà (Bonus Track Version) ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Ma Jeunesse Fout Le Camp Belinda Carlisle 3:16
Bonnie et Clyde Belinda Carlisle 5:15
Avec Le Temps Belinda Carlisle 4:06
Sous le ciel de Paris Belinda Carlisle 4:42
Des Ronds Dans L'eau Belinda Carlisle 2:55
Pourtant Tu M'aimes Belinda Carlisle 3:27
Ne Me Quitte Pas Belinda Carlisle 3:17
La Vie En Rose Belinda Carlisle 4:23
Contact Belinda Carlisle 2:57
Merci Chérie Belinda Carlisle 3:34
Jezebel Belinda Carlisle 3:18
I Still Love Him Belinda Carlisle 3:29
La vie en rose (English Versio Belinda Carlisle 4:24
Bonnie and Clyde Belinda Carlisle 5:15
If You Go Away Belinda Carlisle 3:17


  • This is incredible

    By GMO_oh yeah
    I grew up on the Go-Go's and just happend to run across this album. I am so impressed with Belinda Carlisle. What a treaure to add to my collection. She's incredible- I knew there was a reason I loved her all these years. Well done!
  • Fierce fierce fierce

    By JasonWShaffer
    Belinda ain't chewin no mo bubble gum. B now enjoys un petit châteauneuf du pape? YGG!
  • Waste of time, money, and energy.

    By Give me good music !
    I appreciate artist trying new things and honoring great singers/ songwriters, but this has to be the worst attempt at remaking great songs. Instead, you have in audible music with rhythms that clearly kill the song!
  • really good!!

    By d77h
    I've been a fan of Belinda Carlisle's solo work (and the GoGo's) since the beginning as a kid. I particularly enjoyed this because it's such a departure from her other solo work and I think her best vocal delivery ever (with her album "Real" coming in second although for whatever reason iTunes doesn't offer it). I got a chance to meet her in NYC during a meet & greet when this album came out and couldn't wait to get into my car and listen to it since she hadn't released a new album in over 10 years. Needless to say I wasn't disappointed. If she ever releases another solo album I hope it's a little more on the edgy side like this.

    By tvlampboy
    A delightful surprise from Belinda Carlisle -- no pop-laden treacle here. To be honest, I had expected no less of Ms. Carlisle, as she is renowned for world class taste. And Brian Eno on keyboards -- WOW! Carlisle's rendition of Aznavour's "Jezebel" may (although some would construe this as blasphemy) easily top even Piaf's classic recording. All in all, a great buy.
  • Belinda est étonnant...

    By JerryVarnes
    PHENOMINAL!!! Belinda is truly amazing! Her voice is so unique and her French is FLAWLESS!!! I WANT MORE!!! Je dois avoir plus ! ! Belinda est un excellent artiste si elle chante en anglais ou français, elle n'a pas compromis son intégrité artistique, non un bit ! ! ! xoxooxxoxo
  • Excellent album!

    By bcfan2008
    I don't understand a word of French, but it worked for me !
  • You have to love this album even if you don't speak French!!

    By mike'n'ikes
    I have never heard of Belinda Carlisle untill my mom gave me this cd. I lived in France for a while but never heard of any of theese songs, I listened to the cd and fell in love. I then bought all of the origionals and I have to say that she did an amazing job of staying with the theme of these songs but yet giving her own twist on them! It is a great album if you are going to France or something, because some of the songs have bonus ones in english!
  • Stunning.

    By JaySix
    Belinda Carlisle's distinctive voice was always an odd fit to the slick, polished, adult-contemporary sound her solo work put forth. The tradmark vibrato and growl are put to great use on Voila. Her French is fantastic and the arrangments are fresh without being relentlessly modern. A great set of musicians plays here on a nice cross section of pop and chanson. Breathing life into standards like "Ne me quitte pass" or "La vie en rose" can't be easy at this point, but the job is done - and quite well at that. And the punch of "Jezebel" as the finale is to die for. So highly recommended - and here's to hoping this is the start of a new chapter. Next up: maybe a few classic Go-Go's or old solo hits reworked into the style and sung in French? We can only hope.
  • Wonderful Recordings! ! ! !

    By KevinMichael
    Belinda is back! ! ! ! Such an incredible voice! ! ! ! A true diva! ! !