• Genre: J-Pop
  • Release Date: 2007-08-07
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13
  • ℗ 2006, 2007 Terry Dollar Record$/Sony Music Associated Records Inc.

ORESKABAND ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Pantime ORESKABAND 1:05
Cooler Society ORESKABAND 1:33
Pinocchio ORESKABAND 2:19
Yeah! Ska Dance ORESKABAND 2:04
Shall We Dance? ORESKABAND 3:01
Monkey Man (Monkey Monkey Man) ORESKABAND 3:59
20 Tips ORESKABAND 3:55
Good Bye Deja Vu ORESKABAND 4:08
Almond ORESKABAND 3:58
Things I've Forgotten ORESKABAND 4:14
Knife & Fork ORESKABAND 3:32


  • To Each His Own...Unless You Don't Love ORESKABAND

    By Japanime Fanatic
    I abso-tively posi-lutely love them, and this album is awesome!!! I can and have listened to it all day. iTUNES SHOULD HAVE MORE OF THEIR SONGS!!!! pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!
  • Its a blast to listen to

    By Sever now Forever
    I thought it would be crap a first be it is just plain awesome. And it reminds me of Teen Titans i dont know why

    By ZexionVI
    I love ORESKABAND!!! I had first heard of them through a very surprising source... I HEARD ABOUT THEM THROUGH NARUTO!!! The song Pinocchio was the ending...9? But overall I am just in love with this band!!! Click 'yes' if you agree with me!
  • These Girls Rock!

    By Bubba_NC
    Caught them the other night at Zepp Tokyo opening up for Sum41. They were great! Glad to find this album out here on iTunes. Keep rocking girls!!
  • English song names?

    By daiquirikiss
    Now we all know they weren't called these names. I'm a fan of this band, and I think that iTunes should put in the Japanese names (or at least a romaji version). Click yes if you agree.
  • ^_^ yay!!!

    By TenKai
    I looked up ORESKABAND, because when i typed in "tsumesaki" (the japanese ending theme for the anime "bleach") nothing popped up. So, when i got this band, i scrolled through all the songs, until i came up 20 Tips, and I almost fell out of my chair!!! it's my FAVORITE song!!! The whole album has pretty much the same instrumental music with different lyrics and names, but, hey, it's all good!!
  • An Upbeat Delight and an A Ska Band on the Rise

    By Becca Bub
    I found this after surfing the web out of boredom. I love ska in general, but this blew me away! My favorite song is 20 Tips; the opening to the song just pulls you in! Just shows that ska is not dead! I wish I could understand what they were saying though...perhaps I will learn Japanese just for this!
  • OOOO:

    By Rehana Khan
    x3... what a happy, well-rounded, fun, great, lovely, band! They're really great people, too! I saw them live and met them afterwards. They're amazing on stage, and (OMGNOWAI) they're 19-20 as I'm writing this (Happy late birthday Tomi! :3). They really are in unison in music and in themselves and so down to earth. I'm sad their videos aren't on here, same with their other songs ;-;. The pie in the face-ness: Wasuremono. (Things I've Forgotten video) Tsumasaki(20 Tips) MAKES ME WANNA DANCE! x3 it's so happy and joyous. Chuck is simply AMAZING. It's a beautiful song. Things I've Forgotten is so well-done and simply captivating live. I have the video on my phone and it well never ever go off it D:<. Almond is the lighter side of them with some nice rythm ^^. Monkey Man makes you wanna do the monkey o3o. Yeah! Ska Dance and Knife and Fork and Pinnochio are very defining and state a generalization about their syle. They don't just do ska; they mix with otehr styles :3. U is a strangely catchy song with a really funky sound ;D. I simply <3 Shall We Dance?. The beats are amazing. MIROKO'S SOLO IS SO AMAZING. I like the arguement in Pantime xD. Cooler Society is very quick and makes me feel really happy inside. Good Bye Deja Vu is very... unusual (in a good way!). It's upbeat, but makes you feel like something's up and it's a good thing ;3. Lovely band. Lovely music. Period.
  • no offense.

    By sea.weed
    this is the most stupidist band ever.
  • zomg amazingness

    By Basilisk113
    ok wow. so first, track 8 - 20tips is also called tsumasaki and its one of the bleach ending themes which is also one of my favorites second, i cannot believe oreskaband is on itunes theyre FRICKIN AMAZING and third, best ska you will ever hear. so buy it. now. or i guess u could just go on gendou's music and get it there... but either way ITS AMAZING