Healing Sounds of Nature: Ocean Waves - Music for Deep Sleep

Healing Sounds of Nature: Ocean Waves

Music for Deep Sleep

  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2007-11-07
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 2
  • ℗ 2007 Inner Splendor Media LLC

Healing Sounds of Nature: Ocean Waves ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
The Sound of Perfection: Ocean Music for Deep Sleep 38:36
Deep Rumble of the Sea Music for Deep Sleep 31:53


  • good, could be great

    By Fauxicon
    unlike other ocean sound tracks, this one has a deep, satisfying richness in its sound - it's a 'deep rumble'. helps me a lot sleeping. someone else mentioned the last 10 seconds are blank - which does cause you to wake up if you're not in a deep sleep. solution - go to the track's 'info' page, -> options, then take 10 seconds off the back-end of the track. fixes the problem. what were they thinking?

    By beach786
    What a ripoff. I paid $7.99 for for a total of 19 minutes of wave sounds. Thank god for "repeat" function
  • Disappointed

    By cliffton von astenfor
  • Ready to sleep

    By Natural Woman
    Since I was a child, I've loved the sound of ocean waves as they lull me to sleep - whether it's a nap or a full night's sleep. These waves remind me of the waves I heard growing up in Hawai'i. Their peaceful, constant sound was is perfect white noise to bring about deep rest. I highly recommend this album.
  • Sleep every night now.

    By Charles R
    I don't recall just when I downloaded this, but it's been longer than six months ago and I've been using it every night since. I have sleep apnea and can't stand the sound of the machine pumping air, but these two tracks on my ipod teamed up with some Bose Quiet Comfort headphones and I can get between four and six hours sleep every night. I even put the tracks on my mobile phone just in case I space out and let the ipod's battery drain. I continue to search for other tracks so I will have something different, but I always end up sleeping to these two tracks. Nothing else comes close.
  • Love the sounds

    By Alexzinho
    I love falling asleep to the sound of the ocean. This recording has been an effective tool for sleep aid and I would have given it 5 stars if it had been one track.
  • Music for Deep Sleep

    By Product Description
    Improve the quality of your rest and enhance your productivity with this gorgeously crisp, high fidelity recording of pure ocean waves. The supple, primal rhythms of nature will calm your mind, ease away stress and cover background noise. Many people across the world have discovered the benefits of the healing sounds of nature for sleep and concentration. This best-selling recording from Music for Deep Sleep offers over one hour of the soothing, powerful sound of the sea shore with no other distracting sounds. Each Music for Deep Sleep CD is made with the utmost care and integrity of sound, designed to induce pure relaxation. We invite you to explore each one.
  • Be ready to close your eyes and be at the ocean- Wonderful!

    By KrisMoss011
    I was never into nature sounds, but a friend recently recommended this. So I went ahead and tried it out. I think its fantastic that the tracks are long, that way you truly get a chance to sink into the sound of the Ocean. I closed my eyes and just tried to relax, I was surprised to see that as I was listening to the sound of the ocean I became very aware of the sound of my breath. This immediately relaxed me. It felt almost as if I was sitting on a beautiful porch in front of the vast ocean. I sat in complete ease for a very long time. This has opened my eyes to a whole new experience of relaxation.
  • Almost Perfect

    By A9ymous
    This sounds great. My only problem is that there is silence at the end of the 30+ minute track, so just as soon as I'm falling asleep I wake up because of the silence. I wish this would loop just a bit smoother.
  • Immediately calming

    By EstAm
    Fantastic for airplanes. This album helps me tune out all the noises around me and fall asleep in minutes. Highly recommended.