Guilty - Ayumi Hamasaki


Ayumi Hamasaki

  • Genre: J-Pop
  • Release Date: 2008-01-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

Guilty ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Mirror Ayumi Hamasaki 1:55
(Don't) Leave Me Alone Ayumi Hamasaki 4:14
Talkin' 2 Myself Ayumi Hamasaki 4:51
Decision Ayumi Hamasaki 4:17
Guilty Ayumi Hamasaki 4:30
Fated Ayumi Hamasaki 5:32
Together When... Ayumi Hamasaki 5:10
Marionette (Prelude) Ayumi Hamasaki 1:12
Marionette Ayumi Hamasaki 4:32
The Judgement Day Ayumi Hamasaki 1:39
Glitter Ayumi Hamasaki 4:49
My All Ayumi Hamasaki 5:22
Rebirth Ayumi Hamasaki 1:34
Untitled ~for Her~ Ayumi Hamasaki 5:33


  • My All

    By Ayu's fan
    Cry when I listen this song.
  • GULITY of being another success!

    By lv90047
    When purchasing this album for the first time, I noticed it was visibly darker, more rock driven compared to her previous works. I mean, it contained a bit of upbeat dance tracks and ballads, but if you listened closely, even her upbeat tracks had a bit of a notable rock tinge. I couldn't tell if that was a good thing or not! But when I discovered the events that happened to Ayu, my heart burst with sympathy. I mean, when learning your best friend dies, that can be a pretty depressing situation. But when splitting with your longtime boyfriend and going deaf in your left ear's pretty sad to process. But as a fan, I will support this album based on the pain she's feeling. I mean, I know it sounds silly, but I wanna show my support by purchasing this album to at least show that I care what she has to say. As I said before, this album was exceptionally dark. More emotional. It reminded me of "Duty". The lyrics have a heavy, more personal feel to them which emphasized greatly that she was beginning a new chapter within her musical career. By the emotion tainted in half the lyrics, it obvious Ayu feels at fault within her new piece of work. Yet unlike her past work, this album had no theme. It purely ran on the base of emotion. Like all her albums, I fell in love with this immediately. It carried a strong, pulse-pounding beat that driven the listener into a railroad of compassion. I mean, Ayu always sings beautifully---but for this album, it just shined a bit more. She sings with such raw vocal that's flushed with emotions and angst that you don't know what to say! It was so heartbreaking.... I don't care if it didn't have a happier theme, I don't care if other fans didn't like this darker style....for me, it was all that I needed. "Guilty" delivered beautifully from start to finish. There was not a single song I disliked, each track was pumped with purpose. But the ones that stood out to me the most were: "Mirror" "Talkin' 2 Myself" "(Don't) Leave Me Alone" "Judgement Day" "Glitter" "Decision" "Together When..." "Guilty" "Marionette-prelude" "Marionette" "Rebirth" "My All" and finally, "untitled~for her~". This is a album I will cherish always. She poured her heart and soul into's definitely album that's not to be taken for granted! GET THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My Story all grown up

    By JBYB6912
    A lot of people say "Guilty" is a you love it or hate it kind of album, but I don't agree with that. Are there some tracks I'm not fond of? Yes, but that's pretty typical of this devote Ayu fan. 2007 saw Ayu breaking up with her boyfriend, going deaf in her left ear and losing a beloved friend and it's pretty fitting that this rollercoaster of a year translates to this album. The songs bounce between anger, melancholy and optimism which seem to weave a story of someone who goes to hell and back and moves on with their head held high. Both this and "My Story" have a plethora of topics which Ayu sings about, but if I had to choose which one is stronger, I would have to side with "Guilty". To me, not only does this one have stronger lyrics, but it's more aurally appealing. Fave tracks: Talkin' 2 Myself, Decision, Together When..., Marionette (and it's prelude), Glitter, untitled ~for her~
  • I <3 Ayu!!!!

    By Snow Sparkles
    Ayumi Hamasaki has been my idol for so many years and I am just a white American girl. And no, I don't listen to her because of Anime, like some people like to think. She is such a beautiful and talented woman! I love all of her music and have never disliked any of her songs, no matter which path she has taken her music! Ayu's music has helped me through life and for that I am forever thankful!
  • Awesome

    By Takakayu
    2007 is a eventful period for ayu,so this album seems to be different from the album before.This album has a clear theme and you can understand it through the lyrics and the voice of ayu. In my opinion,MY ALL is the best tract in GUILTY~ ayu has continued to sing and showed us her smiling face thought some extraordinary things happened those days. That's what I love about ayu.