Sleep Aid: Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditations (feat. Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah) - Music for Deep Sleep

Sleep Aid: Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditations (feat. Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah)

Music for Deep Sleep

  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2007-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 3
  • ℗ 2007 Inner Splendor Media LLC

Sleep Aid: Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditations (feat. Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah) ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Deep Sleep Journey Through Sel Music for Deep Sleep 25:19
Yoga Nidra Relaxation for Slee Music for Deep Sleep 29:58
Maintaining Deep Sleep (feat. Music for Deep Sleep 32:57


  • Completely Satisfied

    By Fergie Fergie 3474
    I have several audio books on sleep hypnosis. I am the most satisfied with this set of tracks. My favorite is Maintaining Deep Sleep. Even after months of using, I still fall asleep quickly and I stay asleep through the night and wake up rested. I highly recommend.
  • Terrible

    By NatCat2222
    this is the worst sleep mediation i have heard … the voice is annoying and he is bascially naming all the body parts with the sound of the ocean in the background.. Real genus … i think not. do not spend your money on this one. I’m trying to get my money back. ugh
  • Wonderful Sleep

    By daymeeyan
    I have been using this album for about a year. It really seems to get me into a relaxed and restful sleep. I actually forgot I had this and one night while traveling, I had issues sleeping. Searching through my music collection, I found this again and it still works like a charm.
  • Helpful for me

    By Sleepless in Richmond
    I have a very disruptive sleep disorder brought on by pain in my back. It causes me to jerk awake right as I fall asleep. I have tried lots of things to get past this, but this cd is the first thing that's showing promising results. Each night I use it I feel it works more effectively. I slept for a few hours for the first time in weeks the first time I used it & now after a week I'm getting around 5 hours. I also feel more rested during the day. I notice that I'm falling asleep before the session ends now, too. As for the voice coming back on after moments of silence, I recommend just turning the volume low so you can just barely make out his words...this worked for me & I was no longer jerked back awake.
  • What

    By Hannah mad
    He i am 11 and I need my rest no songs work they don't come on that is this
  • I LOVE this!

    By clearingcluttermountain
    I can not say enough wonderful things about the Deep Sleep Journey. I wish I had found this during my years of insomnia. I find that I have to visualize the directions he gives at the beginning (notice what is above you... and imagining myself actually going down the stairs) and I am asleep FAST. I find the message on this to be very kind, gentle, relaxing, and feel safe listening to it. I like that he mentions that if there is any need to wake up that that will happen easily because I worried that I would be too deeply asleep to know if there was an emergency or something, but no-I have even woken up to use the restroom and gone back to a restful sleep. I created a playlist with the 5 minute relation track and even 10 minutes of white noise first and then have Deep Sleep twice. I never hear the second one, but this helps me relax knowing it is there. if I am awake by the "bottom of the stairs" sometimes I will start the playlist over. I just feel I need a few minutes to relax before starting Deep Sleep playing for it to work for me. I love it so much that I even bought it for friends. Highly recommend. :) Edit: I can see what others mention about him starting talking after a period of quiet and for me I don't react to that since I have listened so many times. If the stopping and starting bother you maybe try to listen a few times awake to get the flow of it all and not be startled/surprised when he speaks again. I agree to only have one track from this play at a session. As I mention earlier, I added a white noise track to go before Deep Sleep Journey or other times I add 5 minute rescue from his other album before Deep Sleep Journey. I just like to take a few minutes to slow my breathing down and clear my mind before going down the stairs. :)
  • Problem with audio

    By Anna709
    I just bought and downloaded it. But when I tried playing it. It would not play. It does not have sound. Can I just get a refund on this?
  • Problem download

    By Xxxxx1@(
    Just bought this and each one ends abruptly after about five minutes. Is there is fix or how do I get my 9.99 refunded?
  • I slept like a log! 3 Tracks = 3 great nights of restful sleep :-)

    By TempleGreen
    Each night I listened to one of the three tracks. I only ever heard about 3-5 minutes of each one as I was fast asleep and slept through the night. So far I've had four great nights rest. One night I forgot to set the iPod to play only the one track and I awakened for a moment as the next track played. It's good to remember to play only one at a time, which I believe is the intention. Thanks :-)
  • Soothing voice, very effective technique

    By cantorpenny
    After experiencing a lot of sleep difficulties and trying/not succeeding with various "sound" remedies (i.e., white noise, guided meditations, etc.), I was pretty desperate. I don't know how I found this CD, but I am very glad I did. Dr. Shah's gentle voice and technique are extremely effective - for the first time in years I am able to get a full night's sleep. The most productive part of the 1st and 3rd track is his assurance that should I wake up in the middle of the night, I will be able to get back to sleep ... this has been extremely helpful. Highly recommend.