Neotokyo - Ed Harrison


Ed Harrison

  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2009-03-05
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 27
  • ℗ 2009 Against Glass

Neotokyo ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Annul Ed Harrison 6:34
Tin Soldiers Ed Harrison 8:12
Beacon Ed Harrison 6:41
Imbrium Ed Harrison 4:48
Automata Ed Harrison 6:02
Hiroden 651 Ed Harrison 5:46
Tachi Ed Harrison 5:30
Sprawl Ed Harrison 4:54
Mechanism Ed Harrison 5:56
Paperhouse Ed Harrison 5:49
Footprint Ed Harrison 6:05
Out Ed Harrison 8:16
00 Ed Harrison 0:32
Welcome Ed Harrison 6:16
Scrap I/O Ed Harrison 5:41
Departure Ed Harrison 2:20
Prabhava Ed Harrison 5:49
Distance Ed Harrison 6:36
Impetus Ed Harrison 4:43
Carapace Ed Harrison 5:17
Stopgap Ed Harrison 6:11
Radius Ed Harrison 3:56
Rebuild Ed Harrison 5:11
Reboot Ed Harrison 1:31
Haka Ed Harrison 5:51
Surface Ed Harrison 3:59
Nimbus Ed Harrison 4:32


  • Great album!

    By TheGronard
    You gotta get the whole thing!
  • Best songs ever

    By Derpy_fruit seller
    OMG departure is the best song ever, I put it on replay and listen to it all day! Best album ever lots of great songs!! Departure is the best though!! This is definitely worth 10 bucks for27 amazing songs!!!!
  • Buy This masterpiece

    By BISHOPsandeson
    jeez... where to begin?!? this is an amazing work of art. I just want Ed harrison to make another album like this. Neotokyo Source should have used this music. It's a real shame it was never used. Ed Harrison please... for the sake OF THE FUTURE make another album like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Love it

    By ChiА
    This is an extremely beautiful album, it's as if the songs were made from pure emotion themselves. I love every song. I wish I could say more but words just cannot define my love for this amazing album an the amazing music on it. BUY THIS ALBUM! LONG LIVE NEOTOKYO!
  • Just buy it.

    By The twitching magus
    This music, this mod... almost makes you wish things were different. the mod's barely alive, the soundtrack is long forgotten... these memories are slowly fading into history, yet, it is because of this very concept that you must buy it. Without a doubt they are some of the best works in their genre, maybe even more. This album is on another scale of grading. A work like this can't be measured in stars or downloads or open servers. it is more than a masterpiece. it's a life. It's somebody's dream that was lost in the oceans of time- just a small speck of dust in a sea of endless black. But you can do something about it: Support the work. Support the Game. Support neotokyo. And may you always dream dreams till the end of your days.
  • Amazing.

    By Aaron F.
    The game's amazing and the soundtrack progresses it forward even more! It's futuristic sound of beats and mixes just blew my mind. Scrap I/O would probably be one of my favs. Anyways, Ed Harrison: you are GREAT for this. PLEASE release more music!!!!
  • Wow man......... wow.

    By claydo
    This is the kind of album that you sit back, listen to, and you realize that there IS good in this world. Close your eyes and let these songs take you to other worlds.....Simply beautiful. -Neotokyo is a beacon......I'd love to do a collab with this guy sometime......thank you Ed Harrison, -clayton carr
  • Exceptional work

    By j_york
    Ed, thanks. Great tracks that work even better as a whole. I can only ask one thing. Do it again.
  • Beautiful

    By Yakui
    The Album is so awesome it almost makes me cry :( And the fact that its only 10 bucks for a 27 track album? How could anyone turn it down? Beautiful stuff man, beautiful stuff.
  • Neotokyo: Source OST Review

    By wbokunic
    Most albums have one really good song, a few okay songs and over half the album is complete and utter crap. Neotokyo: Source’s OST, however, is the exact opposite. There are one or two songs I just don’t like, a few okay ones, and over half the album is pure gold. Now by “bad,” I don’t mean they aren’t good songs. I just mean that, when playing a game, they aren’t going to motivate me like the rest of the album. The two songs I just don’t think fit the album are Radius and Paperhouse. As I said above, both these tracks are great by themselves, but for the purpose of this album, they don’t fit in. They’re too soft and slow to really get your blood moving in intense action. Those two songs aside, however, the remaining tracks all fit the purpose exceptionally well. From Distance’s heavy emphasis on beats to Tin Soldier’s crescendo of melody this album is great. For a mere $11 hard copy (or $9.99 for a digital download off of CDBaby or iTunes) you will receive 26 full tracks (The song 00 is only 33 seconds long so I don’t consider it a full track) which are all pretty lengthy, usually ranging fro 5:00-7:00 in length, and most of these songs can be used to motivate you in gameplay. I highly recommend this album for any gamer looking for an awesome soundtrack and I implore all readers to check out Neotokyo: Source.