Bites - Skinny Puppy


Skinny Puppy

  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2004-10-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17
  • ℗ 1985 Nettwerk Productions

Bites ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Assimilate Skinny Puppy 6:56
Blood On the Wall Skinny Puppy 2:58
Dead Lines Skinny Puppy 6:13
Church Skinny Puppy 3:16
Icebreaker Skinny Puppy 3:14
Tomorrow Skinny Puppy 4:53
Dead Doll Skinny Puppy 2:28
Film Skinny Puppy 2:18
Love Skinny Puppy 1:51
The Choke Skinny Puppy 6:29
Social Deception Skinny Puppy 2:57
Christianity Skinny Puppy 1:32
Basement Skinny Puppy 3:25
Last Call Skinny Puppy 5:54
Falling Skinny Puppy 4:19
The Centre Bullet Skinny Puppy 9:42
One Day Skinny Puppy 4:20


  • Can't believe it's 1985

    By aeopmusic
    Pretty Hate Machine wouldn't come out for another 4 years, and this is the pioneering genre it was said to have been!
  • Best SP albums

    By dgdgdgdgdgd
    I own every album and I must say this album and remission are the best!
  • Analyzation of the Lyrics for Bites

    By AntiNonUnPersonas
    "Assimilate" runs its explanations. Our manifestations are insidious and off the point because we are needlessly producing waste. Cops are perpetrators and the world produces the thought that our nation has righteous politics when everything is screwy and our politics aren't righteous in any way. (Drugs are illegal based upon misconception and idiocy because the norms do not know how to handle drugs and the people that use drugs. You must accept the risk of dying before you do drugs other than marijuana and everyone must accept responsibility for the way they are enabled to be effected by the use of drugs. Everyone is responsible for their own lives.) Regardless of whether you reproduce and die by the nature of conformity, you die by your own nature and the demise of that nature enabled by your dying. He who speaks is destroyed by why he's speaking. Degradation is a product of our senses. The moral plan is immoral towarrds our instincts and nature. Agony reaches the people that are aware of their better nature because we are being betrayed by the politics of those that surround our day to day lives. We are imprisoned by their politics (and the nature of their conformity). The product is pain that reaches our vocals. We fail to meet the source because everyone is in disguise. We are contained by the norms and their normalcy's trounce. (I am internally screaming, too.) The answer's determined by norms. "Dead Lines" is about Ogilvie trying to find what's worthy in his relationship. Look him in the eye because what he wants is nothing to do with what you're trying to do to him. The trap is the reason for escaping the relationship. Chauvinistic implies that his partner should negate her identity. Her everything is dying. "Icebreaker" is about surpassing the reflections of your past ones. The impact doesn't reach the majority. The city and its current placement of facilities, structures, and people amongst the institutions creates a fracture between meaning and importance. He's lost because he doesn't need this from society. Puppets bound to the string of life are severed from the significance of their lives. Every interpretation of life is distorted by the progression of our lives. Fossil bullets and their reality destroy our wellbeing, and the aftermath of our reflections equals the only thing that matters (which is the end of our existence). "The Choke" is about a partner engaged with the undeserving. The ear is crooked because she is not those others. It's a tyrant's rule because our nature meets its abuse. The advice revolves around that which is mundane. She isn't agreeing with his nature. The death of Christ becomes meaningless because what's happening currently is unbelievable and he's dying for the same reasons without even dying. The shadow implicates what's become of her existence. "Social Deception" is about life wasted in nature. Morality is meaningless. Nature is aided by what destroys the individuals. He's destroyed in nature. Fiends destroy him. He sees what matters. His grace is purified in that it's separate from what matters and his essence is leaked with the nature of one. "Last Call" is entirely about the nature of affairs. (My screams pierce the skies and tear the heavens from the skies.)
  • Is There A Better Industrial Album?

    By filtinator
    You really have to hand it to these guys, cEvin and Ogre. Not only is their music unique and light years ahead of their time, but the music they perform actually has a message which is quite contrary to much of the same recycled sound that seems to endlessly win Grammy's. I'm not saying that those artists that win them don't deserve such prestige, but I am saying that these guys on on only their second album perfected a fluid quality to their sound that would continue and still continues to this day. I recommend this album to any person who likes Industrial music and I'm not talking about something like Ministry or NIN although both groups are great on so many levels. What is special and unique on this album are the numerous instrumentals and run - time. There are only five songs with dominating words, although Ogre's vocals are prominent on nearly all songs. You are paying for over 70 minutes of supremity. It may take some time, but this album will grow on you.
  • Solid

    By Fast Eddy321
    My god, is Deadlines awesome! But the whole thing is great, better than Mind, but I'm a fan of that too.
  • Best industrial band ever

    By Sasha3252
    Favorite track on this album is The Choke. It's brilliant!! Everytime I listen to it, I think of Evil Dead.