Lolitawork Libretto - Kanon Wakeshima

Lolitawork Libretto

Kanon Wakeshima

  • Genre: J-Pop
  • Release Date: 2010-07-27
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13
  • ℗ 2009, 2010 DefSTAR Records Inc.

Lolitawork Libretto ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Shakespere No Wasuremono (Prol Kanon Wakeshima 1:59
Kajitsu No Keikoku Kanon Wakeshima 3:05
Heroine Syndrome Kanon Wakeshima 3:47
Twinkle Star! Kanon Wakeshima 3:20
Tomei No Kagi Kanon Wakeshima 3:29
Marmalade Sky Kanon Wakeshima 3:38
Kuroneko To Pianist No Tango Kanon Wakeshima 3:08
Princess Charleston Kanon Wakeshima 4:14
Tree of Sorrow Kanon Wakeshima 3:32
Celmisia Kanon Wakeshima 4:25
Otome No March Kanon Wakeshima 4:41
Shakespeare No Wasuremono (Epi Kanon Wakeshima 1:44
Lolitawork Libretto - Storytel Kanon Wakeshima 4:05


  • Ohh Kanon Wakeshima!

    By Riverofdarkness
    I always love her music it is very calming also besides Japanese music is way better than American music if you ask me!
  • I wish!

    By Nanachie
    I wish the iTunes store sold her music videos on here too... That would be awesome! :D And I think both of her albums are excellent in their own way and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us Kanon fans in the future!
  • Fills my heart with a warm fuzzy happiness

    By sskantz
    I actually like this album better than her previous one, which surprises me because I usually perfer more dark and gothic sounds. But anyways, the songs on this album are super pretty and catchy and help me get through my boring accounting homework. This album also adds some balance to my metal dominated music library lol. I love Kanon Wakeshima's music and recommend it to anyone who can hear! <3
  • Asome

    By Akirafudo1
    I can't find her song brand new breeze
  • I love it!

    By Teehee146795
    I have no idea what she's saying but she's so awesome! I love the music!
  • relax people!

    By Sugarcookie kangaroo
    i know this album is really different than her last one but it's really boring when artists keep publishing the same type of music over time... it's a good thing when artists grow in the way they write and sing their music... look at all the old successful musicians and bands.. no matter what genre or what language they sing in.. every one of their albums has a unique style to it, it doesn't matter, i think it's a great thing that kanon is trying a new style, not everyone will like it but others who might've never heard of her before will.
  • Awesome

    By MrsHampton<3
    Me too I food out about her by watching vampire knight . Vk is the awesomest manga ever and shanon wakeshima is awesome .
  • Its Great

    By Jailene<3
    i love her songs she's awesome i first listen to her when i started watching the anime vampire knight and know i listen to her everyday. Her songs are beautiful!!!! <3
  • Awesome

    By Troll Faic
    These songs are really beautiful! But you guys know we can get them online for free. 
  • Kajitsu no Keikoku

    By Nightwing of Bludhaven
    love this song, the whole album is great and worth buying :D