Chanting Om - Meditation on the 7 Chakras & Savasana Sound Bath Therapy - Music for Deep Meditation

Chanting Om - Meditation on the 7 Chakras & Savasana Sound Bath Therapy

Music for Deep Meditation

  • Genre: Devotional & Spiritual
  • Release Date: 2010-10-30
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10
  • ℗ 2010 Inner Splendor Media LLC

Chanting Om - Meditation on the 7 Chakras & Savasana Sound Bath Therapy ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Chanting Om - Extended Meditat Music for Deep Meditation 25:44
The Root Chakra, Muladhara - O Music for Deep Meditation 3:41
The Chakra of Creativity, Swad Music for Deep Meditation 3:22
The Solar Plexus, Manipura Cha Music for Deep Meditation 3:09
The Heart Chakra, Anahata - Om Music for Deep Meditation 3:25
The Throat Chakra, Vishudda - Music for Deep Meditation 3:38
The Space Between the Eyebrows Music for Deep Meditation 3:29
The Lotus of a Thousand Petals Music for Deep Meditation 5:19
Savasana Sound Bath Therapy - Music for Deep Meditation 9:57
Savasana Sound Bath 2 - Tibeta Music for Deep Meditation 13:29


  • An Immersive Experience. Divine.

    By amazonchase cc
    Instatntly relaxing. Song one feels like immersing your tingling and receptive body into a warm bath after a good, satisfying yoga session. I recently started practicing Kundalini Yoga. See Maya Fiennes Yoga Videos if interested. I will begin using "Chanting Om- Med on the 7 Chakras...." as a meditation foundation after completing Maya's Kundalini Yoga. Thank you for adding this to my experiece. Namaste.
  • Blissed out!

    By Party Maker
    I'm feeling blissed out writing this review from the deep and powerful meditation thanks to this album. Just listened to the first track again, chanting up the chakras, spending time sending energy to each one, infusing them with peace, love and OMmmmmmm. The energy is powerful and transformative. Worth every penny.
  • I LOVE IT!!!!

    By RoseSoCal
    It is my favorite way to attain inner peace. I highly recommend it!
  • Great addition to my meditation practice

    By Menaji
    Chanting Om CD, Meditation on the 7 Chakras is an enlivening meditation that provides a deep and surprisingly interactive, visceral experience of Om Angelic, heart- centered and strong, this Cd is an awesome find.
  • Beautiful, mood-striking album

    By NightJar2008
    This is a very beautiful, mood-striking album. I recommend it highly for holiday gifts. It's one of the best produced meditation albums I've heard in recent years.
  • Get it for a Christmas/holiday gift

    By SkyTraveler8
    I really like this album. I'm impressed with the quality of the recording and the voices. I think it's about one of the best "OM" meditation CDs I've ever listened to.
  • Exquisite

    By Alexzinho
    This album is a blessing for those who feel and hear its vibrations. Chanting along with the album aligns and heals the body through the power of the mantra. Highly recommended!
  • Resonating with sublimity

    By Ajit B
    Use this album to expand, hover, dissolve into the space of sublime spanda brimming with the fullness of many-in-One - it's Onederful!
  • Makes for delicious meditation

    By LovesMusic&Dance
    Wow, I have been meditating to the extended track of Om's and it is just amazing. The higher the notes get, the deeper I go. This is very special.
  • Splendiferousness!

    By TempleGreen
    I can feel each chakra shimmering in gratitude as it recognizes it's own perfect Om! What a fantastic offering... Thank You! :-)