The Very Best of Tower of Power: The Warner Years - Tower Of Power

The Very Best of Tower of Power: The Warner Years

Tower Of Power

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2001-07-17
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16
  • ℗ 2005 Warner Records Inc. Manufactured & Marketed by Warner Strategic Marketi

The Very Best of Tower of Power: The Warner Years ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
You Got to Get Funkifize Tower Of Power 4:32
What Happened to the World Tha Tower Of Power 4:12
Down to the Nightclub Tower Of Power 2:45
You're Still a Young Man Tower Of Power 5:35
What Is Hip? Tower Of Power 5:05
So Very Hard to Go Tower Of Power 3:37
This Time It's Real Tower Of Power 2:53
Will I Ever Find a Love? Tower Of Power 3:50
Soul Vaccination Tower Of Power 5:12
Time Will Tell Tower Of Power 3:07
Below Us, All the City Lights Tower Of Power 4:17
Don't Change Horses (In the Mi Tower Of Power 4:44
Willing to Learn Tower Of Power 4:36
Only So Much Oil In the Ground Tower Of Power 3:49
I Won't Leave Unless You Want Tower Of Power 3:30
You're So Wonderful, So Marvel Tower Of Power 3:10


  • The Tops Fierce Band.

    By Clyde Dean
    One outstanding Band for over 30 yrs. Tops is the Groove of David. Garibaldi. Great Bass, and Horn sections.
  • best with Lenny

    By bdeyo8
    TOP was at its best when Lenny Williams was "the voice". His vocal style and range was a perfect match for the tightest, funkiest rhythm and horn sections ever assembled. Likewise, (despite a couple minor hits as a soloist) Williams was most successful as the front man for the group. The song writing at times has been questionable and Williams' battle with his personal demons has been well documented but listening to this collection and comparing it with TOP's later work, you have to wonder why the band and singer were never able to iron out their differences to reunite.
  • Back To Oakland

    By Wen Diesel
    C'mon Itunes Where's The Back To Oakland CD? It's Their Best Album!
  • Great collection but......

    By isismehtet
    Hey iTunes! There was a little album called,er, URBAN RENEWAL, which IMHO is the tightest, funkiest creation to come out of the Seventies. GET IT ON HERE, or you will never capture the best work of this amazing virtuosic band! Give ME The Proof!!!
  • I'm playing this song on trombone for marching band and I love it.

    By Celi(=
    This has a very good upbeat that makes you wanna see it I play this on trombone love it!!!
  • Not the best comp

    By Daniel74
    Love the remastering job on these titles, but WAY too much focus on their ballads. IMO, not their strongest suit.
  • 10 stars for Tower of Power

    By comblago
    I grew up with Tower of Power and I'm trying to grab up all that i can. In my opinion there is not now nor will there ever be a band that can compete with them. Back in the 70s' there was Brass Construction, Cold Blood, BST (Blood sweat & Tears), Chicago, Cameo, Pleasure, the Ohio Players. Earth, Wind, and Fire matches up with the volume of work, but they did'nt have the BAND. They are simply the best. James Brown had a smokin' band too, but T.O.P. is the top.
  • Funk and Rock together

    By funkymacpotts
    This was my favorite band in the early 70's and the original Warner material STILL sounds great. The Warner catalog stands alongside War, Parliament/Funkadelic and very few others as bands who knew that you could rock out, be funky, be cool, and be original. NOTHING like this is on the commercial radio these days. The MAGIC days of soul and funk and rock all coming together--could it ever happen again?? Will the record companies ever let it happen? Never mind that--put this on 10 as you drive down the street. My only argument is the order of songs. But that's why you download the whole thing, reorder it and make it right. PS--when they said "there's only so much oil in the ground" we were waiting an hour to fill our tanks at 75 cents a gallon and complaining about it.
  • The Very Best of Tower of Power

    By SurfGypsy23
    Great CD!! Has all the TOP songs that I wanted all on one disc!
  • TOP - 30 Years of Greatness

    Contrary to what the "official"reviewer says, Tower of Power was, and remains, one of the finest bands ever to come from US soil. Outstanding musicianship has always been the glue that binds this band, and the changing line-up has only helped to keep the groove fresh - without ever wavering from the TOP fundamentals - tight, funky and the very definition of soul. It would seem the official reviewer is young and still enjoys his Mmmbop single from a few years back. Here's a tip - listen to TOP, every version and every vintage, and you'll be on the road to qualifiying as a serious, and educated, music journalist. Better yet - see them live - you'll get it, I promise you.