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  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2012-09-25
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 19
  • ℗ 2012 Mau5trap Recordings under exclusive license to Ultra Records, Inc.

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Title Artist Time
Superliminal deadmau5 6:33
Channel 42 deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner 4:51
The Veldt (feat. Chris James) deadmau5 8:41
Fn Pig deadmau5 8:51
Professional Griefers (feat. G deadmau5 4:06
Maths deadmau5 6:54
There Might Be Coffee deadmau5 7:03
Take Care of the Proper Paperw deadmau5 7:13
Closer deadmau5 7:12
October deadmau5 7:23
Sleepless deadmau5 4:15
Failbait (feat. Cypress Hill) deadmau5 4:51
Telemiscommunications deadmau5 & Imogen Heap 4:07
Strobe deadmau5 4:55
The Veldt (feat. Chris James) deadmau5 6:45
Professional Griefers deadmau5 3:02
The Veldt (feat. Chris James) deadmau5 2:54
Professional Griefers (feat. G deadmau5 5:33


  • Why are the broken pieces so funky?

    By App inspecting rock
    I may not know that, but at the very least I know that these grievers are professionals.
  • > review title goes here <

    By Ramuresaru Varentin
    Legit, I do not understand at all why there are any negative reviews on this album. This is easily Joel's best album to date and definitely the best bang for your buck as far as mau5 albums go. There are SO many top-quality tracks on this one! Channel 42 is a great collab with that Wolfgang Gartner vibe, The Veldt is a beautiful and satisfyingly long cautionary tale on the dangers of technology, Professional Griefers is absolutely unhinged and really stands out against generic lyrical EDM, There Might Be Coffee is easily in the top 5 best mau5 tracks in existence, Take Care of the Proper Paperwork is a crazy experimental piece, October calls back to his previous works and really slaps, Sleepless is nice and chill, Telemiscommunications is beautifully introspective, andthe live version of the first part of Strobe is a winner as well. If you say you like deadmau5, then there's no reason to not buy this album. Enough said. Go forth and listen, my fellow mau5heads.
  • A sonic masterpiece!

    By Anna Dragun
    I really love this album. The music is really driving, energenic, dance-able, increadible, and engaging. He shows excellent technical precision. It gets better with every listen. I loved the collaboration with Wolfgang Gartner and Gerarad Way that he did. But anyways, just go buy it. It's really good.
  • Still a Lazy l33tspeak “artist”

    By Pilotshark
    More half-baked over-rated tripe. The lack of originality is overwhelmingly underwhelming. Wish I could refund my time trying to give this garbage a chance again and again. If he would go back to spinning other people’s creative content, he would at least have his fingerprints on something worthwhile. He had a few good “mixes” but I can’t waste anymore money on the hype.
  • Roots and Foreshadow

    By toastedmallows
    It's like Joel was showcasing his ability to manipulate sound. In direct correlation to his personality, perfection was the goal, for every track. From the first track,(which darn near freaked me out the first time I listened to it on good headphones/speakers), to the end; it is a showcase of someone who would master the craft of 'electronic dance music'. The album is a lot to swallow, but his work has come a long way in a decade+.
  • Epic

    By hdjxbenqbsbsvd
    You have to listen to closer
  • Professional Greifers Definitely Earns 5 Stars

    By kattheawesome7
    I love this song it’s really good I listened to it 4 times non stop. Keep up the great work DeadMau5. Really Enjoy Your Song Professional Greifers. 😎 🎵🎶😎🎵🎶😎
  • Grrr

    By cacifreeman
    His music is just like his personality
  • Good

    By LogqnTyler
    i dont like the tommy trash remix, or telemiscommunications but aside from that it is great. i love the itunes LP. The best song in this album is probalbly failbait, but sleepless is a close second.
  • Great

    By xeldomx2
    see above