Two Eleven - Brandy

Two Eleven


  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2012-10-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 15
  • ℗ 2012 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Two Eleven ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Intro Brandy 0:57
Wildest Dreams Brandy 4:25
So Sick Brandy 4:31
Slower Brandy 2:57
No Such Thing As Too Late Brandy 4:01
Let Me Go Brandy 3:17
Without You Brandy 4:12
Put It Down (feat. Chris Brown Brandy 4:06
Hardly Breathing Brandy 3:55
Do You Know What You Have? Brandy 3:28
Scared of Beautiful Brandy 3:46
Wish Your Love Away Brandy 3:19
Paint This House Brandy 3:58
Outro Brandy 0:57


  • Slower

    By Lettagogetta
    I almost forgot how much I appreciate Brandy’s music! Love this right here!!!
  • AN R&B OG...

    By 70-1STOP
    Yo, this is top quality and "Wildest Dreams" is vintage Brandy while still having all the rhythmic updates. Her vocals are crisp and intricate--she could tune Auto Tune! I want this album to do so well. We only have a very few of her caliber with a personality that is genuine and humble. I hope we don't allow ourselves to be distracted by all the junk food music the industry puts most of the dollars toward and end up taking Brandy for granted.
  • Do you kow what you have? Song

    By L.A.L.H.
    I'm a huge Brandy fan. I have all her albums except this one. I fell asleep with this album. Do you know what you have? is my go to song when ever I need a pick me up. I bump this song constantly. Brandy is the truth. So mad I missed this album when it came out. Brandy still got it. Better than most artist today.
  • Amazing

    By E11534
    I am so happy and proud that brandy is back! The album was great! She is a great vocalist and actor! Love, love, love without you!
  • Welcome Back Brandy!

    By nikeysha11
    Every track on this album s great. It remind me of when people would play the whole CD instead of the 3 singles. Paint this House, Put it Down. and Hardly breathing are the best tracks. Let Me Go grows on you, but once it does: it is amazing.
  • Amazing!

    By Kellserz
    Some of her best work! Her other albums/disks had a mix of songs I loved, some were great, others I were....meh. This one though...ALL DEAD ON! She truly is the last one standing. Monica can bring it too, but she should try to inject this level of soul. She sure has the pipes for it.

    By ashpash888
    I just listened to this whole album and it is just perfect!!! only one song I dont care for too much but everything else is perfect. This album is really underrated and I hope it blows up! Must buy album!
  • Listen!

    By MadeaHBIC
    I know everyone is complaining about how "Make Believe" is not on the album; first off, she was signed to Epic Records when they had a contract. Because she wanted out, and explore her muse in music. she was later signed to RCA Records under Chamaleon's management. This album goes hard with No Such Thing as Too Late, Wildest Dream, Without You, and most definately Hardly Breathing! Either way, Brandy is Back.
  • Awsome job

    By Briecame
    All I can say is my favorite song is all of them great job boo...
  • I finally got a chance to really listen

    By (t)-
    In my redeployment home from Afghanistan, it took about 9 days of sitting around waiting, and this was the perfect time to listen to Brandy's Album, it's really good.... No, it's excellent, just right, perfect for all of us. You did right brandy, lyrics are on point, the beat is rockin, I love it!!!!!