Canyon Trilogy - R. Carlos Nakai

Canyon Trilogy

R. Carlos Nakai

  • Genre: Worldwide
  • Release Date: 2003-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17
  • ℗ 2003 Canyon Records

Canyon Trilogy ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Song for the Morning Star R. Carlos Nakai 4:16
Daybreak Vision R. Carlos Nakai 1:49
Ancestral Home R. Carlos Nakai 4:52
Echoes of Time R. Carlos Nakai 3:51
Inward Journey R. Carlos Nakai 3:13
Creation Chant R. Carlos Nakai 3:09
Canyon People R. Carlos Nakai 4:36
Turquoise World R. Carlos Nakai 4:20
Cleft In the Sky R. Carlos Nakai 3:11
Spiral Passage R. Carlos Nakai 3:21
World of Rainbows R. Carlos Nakai 3:45
Walking Song R. Carlos Nakai 3:03
The Sacred Reed R. Carlos Nakai 2:43
Kokopelli Wind R. Carlos Nakai 4:16
Departure R. Carlos Nakai 3:37
Into the Maze R. Carlos Nakai 3:52
Homage to the Ancient Ones R. Carlos Nakai 1:45


  • Beautiful and Peaceful Native American Flute Music

    By Ollie_Knox
    "Canyon Trilogy" is the unequaled masterpiece of Native American Flute music by R. Carlos Nakai, with 22 songs. This album has some of the most peaceful, beautiful Native American flute music I've ever heard. R. Carlos Nakai is for sure one of the best Native American flute players of our time. Each song is beautiful in its musical delivery. The Native American flute is so soothing., extremely calming, relaxing and peaceful to the listener. One can imagine the sounds echoing through the canyons of New Mexico and Colorado. Highly recommended for anyone who loves Native American music and is a fan of R. Carlos Nakai and his music.
  • Spirit music.

    By Dan Rivera
    Truly peaceful and powerful.
  • Beautiful and relaxing beyond compare

    By Kattttt123
    Peace becomes sound. It reminds me of a lovely journey that has yet to take place. Dreamlike in nature
  • Almost magical in a classroom.

    By Ttttttytttyt
    I teach middle and high school students, and days when they struggle to settle down. The soothing tones of his flute work absolute magi almost immediately. They did of course have to tease me a little at first, asking if we were going to meditate in a circle or light a peace pipe (they are teenagers, after all). But they honestly love this music almost as much as I do, often asking for it when I am not here. Nakai masters more than the Native American flute.
  • Beautiful Echoes in the Canyon

    By Peaceful and mellow music love
    This album's three main themes are Dawn's Mirage, Dreamscapes and Resonance. Nakai's creative thoughts certainly came through in all three. Not fully traditional with the use of reverb but beautiful.
  • Beautiful album

    By Peaceful music lover
    A very nice flute album. Peaceful and soothing.
  • Canyon Trilogy

    By dagwoman
    He is the most amazing flutist. If you get a chance to see him in person, he will surprise you with his dry humor. This album is my favorite.
  • Wonderful

    By PenrynSchneider
    R. Carlos has mastered the flute with flowing notes that carry over to the next, almost in an on going echo. Every night I look forward to going to sleep to the sound of a magical flute.
  • Canyon Trilogy

    By tcf54
    This is one of my favorite pieces by this artist a must have as far as I am concerned
  • canyon thillogy!!

    By hamilton41
    this rocks, if you like r.c.n. as much as i do,, you know what i mean :) beautiful flute,,takes you away