Haunted House - EP - Knife Party

Haunted House - EP

Knife Party

  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2013-05-06
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 4
  • ℗ 2013 Warner Music UK Ltd.

Haunted House - EP ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Power Glove Knife Party 4:21
Lrad Knife Party 5:15
EDM Death Machine Knife Party 4:23
Internet Friends (VIP) Knife Party 5:00



    By App inspecting rock
    CURSES EDM DEATH MACHINE IS EXPLICIT SO I CAN'T GET IT! Allow me to explain my predicament. I first heard EDM Death Machine in Need For Speed Rivals, and I loved it. But apparently the song is explicit. How??? Was it like a mistake or is the version in NFS just a clean version? To expand on context I don't think my parents would approve of buying an explicit song...
  • W.O.W

    By GalaxyWolf11
    I found the power glove song from the Vox from Hazbin Hotel animation
  • Knife Party for life!!!

    By Dreadedwavesofsins
    The first time I heard Knife Party I was amazed. They inspired me to become a dj when I get older. They are kings and they inspire kids and adults.
  • My first song

    By Eagleplayzgamez
    My first song to hear from knife party was power glove, and I loved it so much
  • Nice EP!

    By Electris293
    This EP is awesome! The EP takes on a creepy feel to it, but is upbeat and sounds very good! Power glove is done nicely and has some crazy electro house going on. Lrad takes on a more standard EDM structure but is very good and the breaks are nice! EDM death machine is a banger! Well done! Internet friends vip is an interesting remix of their original Internet friends and sounds very good! Overall great EP! Can't wait to hear more from kp!
  • This is amazing, but...

    By Lunar Flare
    I love knife party, but WHY is the edm death machine explicit??!
  • And it's not even Halloween.

    By TjsWorld2011
    My favorites on this album are the first two, but the last two only sound good to me when they're clean.
  • Only thing missing are lazers

    By Validore
    This is the soundtrack you would play during a fight scene with Chuck Norris fighting an entire army of robots. In other words, you need to buy this album.
  • Wow

    By Happy upset player
    Really no reviews
  • YES!!!!!!!

    By cameron 28
    This Is Awesome!!!!!!!