Automatic - Iration



  • Genre: Reggae
  • Release Date: 2013-07-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16
  • ℗ 2013 3 Prong Records

Automatic ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Automatic Iration 4:31
Show Me (feat. Lincoln Parish) Iration 3:13
One Way Track Iration 4:03
Back Around Iration 4:25
Go That Road Iration 3:28
Burn Iration 4:00
This Old Song Iration 3:33
Home (feat. Lincoln Parish) Iration 3:10
Mr. Operator Iration 4:07
Runaway Iration 3:19
Uptown Iration 4:14
Splintered Heart Iration 3:50
High Flying Iration 4:21
Milk and Honey (feat. Lincoln Iration 2:53
Undertow Iration 3:55
No Time Iration 4:07


  • Too long, and bad musical chioces

    By 2muchcoffeeman
    This is not Irtion's best work; it's probably their least work. There are too many tracks here; with some judicious cutting you could come up with a decent 11- or 12-song album. And please ignore the iTunes reviewer's claim that "Show Me" is the album's standout; it's a bland, flaccid pop song that completely ditches Iration's roots in an attempt to pursue … something, and never gets there. Be thankful you can pick and choose which songs you want to download.
  • Back Around =)

    By jerry joiner
  • Great album

    By EHendo77
    Not as good as time bomb, but a great album none the less. They have a slightly different sound in this album, but give it a listen or two and you will enjoy this one just as much as previous albums.
  • Automatic

    By Tommy Tamasese
    I finally bought my first Iration album and I was surprised by how good it was. When the band first started I didn't think of them as real musicians. I went to a few shows but didn't know any of the songs, I was mostly at the concert for the beer. Then I started listening to Iration radio on Pandora and it was surprisingly really good and the song Fallin is obviously good. So I bought the Automatic album and thought to myself wow this album is awesome. I guess I'm starting to get the music. The music is a reflection of the people in the band. Very positive, smart, but not fake. Kind of reminds me of hpa where everyone is really nice, and they work hard and are funny, and think its cool to be smart, and people aren't full of hate, all about the love, but also being productive and enjoying life, but no one is perfect, and having fun all while respecting and being good to people. Probably not a good idea writing a review after taking ambien generic.
  • Epic!!!

    By Healthy Beach Girl
    My summer sound track!! Love the diversity this brings to their sound. Love them all!!!
  • Nice.

    By TooFlyRyGuy
    When I first heard Iration, my girl and I fell in love to their Sample This EP. They have continued to produce great music - before and after. Time Bomb was a smash and I'm sure this album will do well. Congrats guys! I miss Kai-Boi tho! :-(
  • give it some time

    By cshane personal
    Initially, I was disappointed with this album. I thought it lacked the energy of the previous albums. But I ended up buying the album for an upcoming show in Santa Cruz to get familiar with some of the newer tracks and an itch for some new tunes. I did a full 180. Now, some of my favorites are on this album. "Automatic" and "Burn" are immediately addictive. And the live show was incredible too. Awesome band, awesome buy.
  • Easy 5 star

    By Jared Miller
    I really do not know what some of these people are talking about this album is amazing. Iration never dissapoints.

    By daka220
    This album is packed full of heart and inspiration. With the departure of Kai the band hasn't lost a beat... Sure it's a bit different but that's to expect when a member leaves. People say Kai this and Kai that blah blah blah, maybe they were just in love with Kai and not Iration. This is by far the best yet. I have watched this bands progress and it's just gotten better and better. With the exception of "milk and honey" this is a press play and listen album... 15 out of 16 awesome tracks isn't to shabby if you ask me. Keep up the good work!!!
  • And the boys do it AGAIN!!!

    By MissFolsomPrism
    Never thought the Island boys of Iration could outdo themselves after the tremendous album "Timebomb" but "Automatic" definitely did the job!!! Keep the positive vibes and all about luv movement going <3 @INeedIce