The Memory of Trees - Enya

The Memory of Trees


  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 1995-11-20
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11
  • ℗ 1995 Warner Music UK Ltd

The Memory of Trees ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
The Memory of Trees (Instrumen Enya 4:19
Anywhere Is Enya 3:58
Pax Deorum Enya 4:59
Athair Ar Neamh Enya 3:42
From Where I Am (Instumental) Enya 2:22
China Roses Enya 4:49
Hope Has a Place Enya 4:48
Tea-House Moon (Instrumental) Enya 2:43
Once You Had Gold Enya 3:18
La Sonadora Enya 3:38
On My Way Home Enya 5:09


  • This is music to me

    By Onnie Paracuelles
    i grew up with her music, and up to now... i still listen to her songs ☺️
  • Lovely!

    By IpodMagazine.18
    Enya is so peaceful and calming. I especially love Tea House Moon. It's light hearted in a mysterious and strange kind of way. :)
  • Her Greatest Work Thus Far

    By LonelyLeaf08
    Few works of art I have stumbled across have resonated so deeply within my soul. TMOT is simply a journey of mystical and enchanting, heart-touching beauty. Every song takes you far beyond the harsh confines of every day reality. I can imagine endless ethereal soundscapes springing from each track and just want to revel and explore this wondrous world she has created forever and ever. This album will always move me further than I have ever been moved and remains, in my opinion, her strongest work to date. Find yourself amongst all the pieces and enter this new fantastic kingdom of trees of gold.
  • Memories of Enya

    By Torpid a
    This album is particularly haunting and beautiful. I love all her albums but the song "On The Way Home" on this CD struck at my heart strings....We all at some point remember home as both sad and joyous...Enya is an Angel.....
  • I have always loved this album

    By Sue Basko
    I have always loved this album. It is relaxing and inspirational. A few of the songs are melancholy and have helped me to celebrate the sad times of life.
  • Wonderful!!

    By Greensheepleap2021
    Hope Has a Place: 3/5. Beautiful singing, but a bit too repetitive. From Where I Am: 4/5. I appreciated the nice piano. Enya didn't sing, but the title of the song is interesting. It's as if she's sending a peaceful melody from wherever she is. Tea-House Moon: 4.5/5. I love this song. It reminds me of something delightfully strange or mysterious, for some reason. It feels like music I would hear in a dream. On My Way Home: 5/5. It sounded like the other Enya songs until 00:53, the first chorus. It's very upbeat and a nice touch. This is an amazing song. La Sonadora: 5/5! I love the mystical feeling I get when I listen to her songs, and this is one of my favorite songs of hers. If I had to recommend one song on this album, this would be it! (But I can't recommend just one song!) I hope to get more songs on this album soon!
  • D-bag album reviewers...

    By MCas1970
    As a HUGE rock n metal fan, I'm not supposed to like this music, but this is just beauty in music form, and who can't appreciate that? ITunes should not use hipper-than-thou "professional" reviewers (who probably gave Kanye West a 5 star review) for this type of music. It's a great disservice to the artist, not to mention bad business practice to make listeners feel stupid for liking something that they don't consider "cool". Indie-critic-darling bands usually disappear after two records, but Enya will outlast all of them. :)
  • The album I remember the best..

    By mykeylala
    I decided to check out Enya on Itunes after recalling her songs from The Fellowship of the Ring. For years, I couldn't listen to Enya because it reminded me of my first girlfriend who played her albums all the time. Eventually, I got over that girlfriend but still didn't listen to Enya's music because of the associations. But after listening to May It Be, I wanted to see if the associations lingered. After listening to this album, I'm happy to say that any associations left are good ones. To me, this album is THE Enya album. It totally resonates in my heart. Her other albums are great, especially Watermark, but The Memory of Trees for me is my memory of Enya!
  • top stuff

    By bob bobblaw
    the iTunes review makes no sense . . . . obviously under the influence of a mind-altering substance . . .
  • Stunning

    By blink89
    The main album review at the top needs to be changed. Soulless? You've got to be kidding me. I have been an Enya fan since I was three years old and love her just as much now at age 20. This album is just as good as all her others. She is one of the few people where I can listen to all of the songs on the album over and over. She is certainly not for everyone, but her music is not "soulless." Please get a new main review for the album. If you are an Enya fan, this album will be just as good to you as the others. I actually did not own the album but realized that I knew many of the songs off the album, so I had to get the album and was immediately pleased. You won't be disappointed. "Hope Has a Place" is my favorite on this album.