3D Thunderstorm Environment - Darwin Chamber

3D Thunderstorm Environment

Darwin Chamber

  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2005-08-30
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 2
  • ℗ 2005 Serwin Music Group

3D Thunderstorm Environment ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Rolling Thunder Darwin Chamber 30:00
Thunderstorm Darwin Chamber 30:00


  • Perfect (Almost)

    By elementalp
    Crystal clear sound, no muffled highs. Mostly consists of gentle rain in the foreground and rolling thunder in the background. I don't notice sample loops or other annoying repeating patterns. I can put this album on replay and study or work for many hours at a time. My experience is that the sound is close enough in complexity to classical music (see Mozart effect), but it doesn't grab my attention (admiration?) as much, making it easier for me to concentrate consistently. I don't know what the "3D" apsect really means... maybe it refers to the clarity? I listen with Sennheiser HD 600 headphones and they tend to bring out the nuances, even when plugged into an iPhone. There is a sort of spatial feeling to the sound, but it's not annoying. Maybe it's just a digital effect added to the recording, but I prefer to think that it was recorded with two microphones set apart to catch the sound in a way similar to natural hearing. The one caveat is that there are several sharp and shrill thunderclaps in each track. If you fall asleep while listening, you will be startled awake. If you're studying/working, you will get annoyed after a while. Maybe i'll dump the tracks into Garage Band and edit these parts out, then it *would* be PERFECT!
  • Do Not Waste Your Money on This!

    By rolbrialo
    I purchased this because my fiance wanted a soundscape for her iPod. She does not have an iPhone, which has any number of reasonably priced apps for soundscapes like beach sounds, rainstorms, etc. The nerve of Cerwin Music Group to charge $10 for two boring tracks of rainstorms! This is worth $.99 if anything. And they are a good 100 MB combined! However I had no choice since she wanted simple sounds of rain. I should record the sound of $10 being thrown out the window. That would be a more accurate review of this purchase. Never again! Believe me --- search the net and you'll find something cheaper and better.
  • A must have for sleeping

    By evesugar
    Darwin made a wonderful album and I just love it so much. Thank you.
  • use headphones

    By ATLEI
    Very realistic and definitely makes for great white noise. Great for sleeping, relaxing and drowning out roommates when trying to study. However, listening with headphones is better than on a laptop. I was actually a little disappointed that the rain sounded like static through my Mac laptop (maybe the quality of the speaker is not as good i guess). But it's definitely more realistic if you have a good pair of headphones or speakers.
  • Not for sleep

    By carolinasweet
    These are great sounds however, avoid if you are using it to relax or sleep. There are several loup claps that will wake you out of your slumber/relaxation/meditation. If you want backround noise that sounds like authentic rain and thunder, then this is very good.
  • 3D Thunderstorm Environment

    By moeandhope
    It's not bad but I don't think it lives up to its ratings. Some of the thunder sounds synthetic, it just sounds produced.
  • Listen to this EVERY night!

    By Bren56
    I've had alot of trouble falling asleep in the past however since purchasing this album that is not a problem anymore. Sometimes when I'm almost asleep I get startled from a thunderclap. How did I ever get to sleep before this album? ;-]
  • Wish I didn't have to spend $10 bucks on it!!!

    By \m/(º_º)\m/
    I would love to listen to the rolling thunder of this soundtrack. But why pay $10??? Nature gives us this beautiful sounds to enjoy for free, and I would love to enjoy it. I would understand paying a buck, but $10!!! But I do give credit, this is one of the more realistic thunderstorms I've heard throughout my browsing of iTunes.
  • WOW! thats nice

    By oxpink- chicaxo
    I love thunderstorms.... We don't get many here.... I have bought other albums that don't seem as realistic as this one, I am very impressed, I wasn't sure If the money was worth it... But after reading some of the repsonses and purchasing the album I am quite pleased. I recommend this to anyone who is a fanatic about thunder storms and who can be lulled to sleep by a storm, it't worth every cent!! you shouldn't be disappointed.
  • what a storm

    By wild crzy
    It took me 60 minutes to fall asleep, waiting for the rain to stop!!!!!