Liquid Mind VI: Spirit - Liquid Mind

Liquid Mind VI: Spirit

Liquid Mind

  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2004-09-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 9
  • ℗ 2004 Real Music

Liquid Mind VI: Spirit ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
In the Spirit, Pt. 1 Liquid Mind 6:14
In the Spirit, Pt. 2 Liquid Mind 7:51
My Silent Knowing, Pt. 1 Liquid Mind 3:58
My Silent Knowing, Pt. 2 Liquid Mind 6:35
My Silent Knowing, Pt. 3 Liquid Mind 4:47
Teach Me to Whisper Liquid Mind 7:03
Through My Eyes Liquid Mind 6:47
Velvet Morning Liquid Mind 7:41
Warm In You Liquid Mind 7:03


  • Love it

    By Kelley Jackson
    Listen to this almost everyday for the past year puts my mind in to a peaceful state when upset and find it great for relaxing into sleep.
  • Not pleased

    By Jlazeved
    I bought this album to listen to while meditating. What I couldn't tell by listening to the previews was that most of the songs have an incredibly annoying secondary rhythm that is very distracting and intrusive. Wish I hadn't bought it.
  • Spiritual Massage

    By JCG#1
    Although the compositions are nearly indistinguishable, they are mesmerizing nonetheless. If you're at all sleepy or have had a drink or two (or whatever), this will put you right into the celestial realm. Warning: Do not operate heavy machinery while listening to Liquid Mind.
  • Holy...

    By beaker55
    This is quantum reality and being. It remindes me of who/what I AM and where I came from. Reality.
  • Pure peace...

    By maddiedog's opinion
    I love listening to is utter peace. If anyone remembers that "Hearts of Space" show on some public radio stations many years ago, they would play pieces that made you feel like you were drifting between the stars, planets, the galaxies...this is so much like that. Great for slow restorative yoga, meditation, reading, or just drifting away in your mind...
  • Music to help block out the static of this world - Btw great would recommend it

    By new fan of new age genre
    I like these songs, just pure instrumental relaxation with no lyrics that restrict the vast interstellar scope to any specific purpose or meaning. The titles are wonderfully vague and basically require me to listen to the song to fully appreciate its depths. before i wrote this i listened to the album several times and discovered that the songs (other than for identifying purposes) really did not need titles. without knowing, i would have guessed that this is all one continuous song. it helps me to see the much bigger picture and realize that all the storm and stress of daily life is so paltry and futile next to the workings of a vast galaxy. encourages me to creative infinity and free expression of mind. love it, uncorrupted and unpolluted by lyrics that shackle the possible meanings drawn from depths such as these. due to this there is a completely innocent nature to this music and sharpshooting critics cannot accuse [the artist] of supporting one agenda or another. words cannot do these albums justice. i love VIII too. where are the others in this series?
  • Other-Worldly.

    By Jonin Temari
    This album erases all emotion in me and returns my mind to equilibrium. It is the most effective and artistic new age album I have ever heard. Bravo, Chuck Wild.
  • wow

    By alex137
    I found this album by accident and as soon as i heard In the Spirit it toook me to another world.
  • Michael

    By redesigned
    Who needs guided meditation when you have this? AWESOME! Brings me into state of relaxation within 5 minutes. I love it!
  • wow...

    By matty12107
    All i have to say is, is that this is really a great buy... after a long and stressfull day come home and listen to this and ALL the stress will be gone... nice album!