Dominique - Sœur Sourire


Sœur Sourire

  • Genre: French Pop
  • Release Date: 2005-07-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 18
  • ℗ 2005 amc

Dominique ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Dominique Sœur Sourire 3:00
Te voir Sœur Sourire 2:47
Plein ton esprit dans ma guita Sœur Sourire 2:30
Renaissance Sœur Sourire 3:34
Viens Sœur Sourire 1:40
Je te bénis seigneur Sœur Sourire 3:12
Comme Jonas Sœur Sourire 2:00
Feu de joie Sœur Sourire 2:01
Réjouissez-vous Sœur Sourire 2:48
Amour-soleil Sœur Sourire 3:16
Pour les chances Sœur Sourire 2:09
Pauvre sur ton chemin Sœur Sourire 3:01
Toutes choses jolies Sœur Sourire 2:51
Pentecôte-renouveau Sœur Sourire 2:43
Récréation Sœur Sourire 2:03
Soleil en fleur Sœur Sourire 1:21
Envoie-moi Sœur Sourire 2:29
Les quatre saisons Sœur Sourire 2:24


  • Not the original, but good none the less

    By the answer
    While it has been written that this is not the early 60's original, it still has a nice sound. I would recommend that if you want the original, go to Amazon, where you will find many copies of the original music to purchase. If you just want, for nostalgia purposes, the original " Dominique " and you don't like the newer versions, you can with a little searching, find a well done tribute web site that offers the original for download as a MP3 and in the process learn a little bit about the " Singing Nun ".
  • Not the original Dominique

    By StevieTeaselSeed
    Duped again. iTunes might consider warning buyers when the song they want to purchase is not the original recording. Booo! Although not the original Dominique, it sounds clear and is well done.
  • Dominique

    By Bigmac4
    In spite of the later problems this woman had, she had a simplistic, yet beautiful voice which honored the Lord. Jesus lived a simple life, and this woman's music certainly honors Him still.
  • Not what I was looking for

    By anoosh
    The earlier reviewer is right. I still have my old record of Soeur Sourire The Singing Nun. I listened to it to compare this version of Dominique with the original version, and it is not the same. Also, the other songs on this CD are competely different from the songs on my record. Of course this does not claim to be a remastering of the original, but a completedly different recording called Soeur Sourire Dominiuqe, so I quess there should be no reason to expect the same recording.
  • Not the 1963 release

    By Here Comes Mars!
    Jeanine Deckers, aka Sister Luc-Gabrielle, released a 12-song LP titled "The Singing Nun" on Philips Records in 1963 under the name Soeur Sourire. One of the songs, "Dominique", was an AM hit both in Europe and the States. Her post-Dominique life was remarkable--she adopted radical stances, ran a school for autistic children, and lived an openly gay life with an old college friend. Tragically her life collapased into addiction and ended in 1985 in suicide. Anyway, I would love to be able to download the original "Domique" and maybe some of the other songs from her original 1963 release, which was the first pop album I owned. Unfortunately this isn't it, and I have no idea what exactly it is--presumably re-recordings from some later time. I hate these sneaky re-creations of old hits.
  • Wonderfully Classic

    By sancisco
    Simply refreshing and Pure
  • A lovely Voice

    By timaeus
    More than just a novelty. Sourire was a gifted vocalist & songwriter. I would classify this as Folk rather than Pop.
  • Clean, Clear and Refreshing

    By ninamo
    I am so happy to find this recording of "the singing nun" that my mother used to play, especially around Holiday time. It's uplifting and heartwarming in all it's simple honesty. The quality of sound is clean, and resonates a pure spirit. Like the best cooking, it takes quality ingredients to create perfection. Soeur Adele doesn't need any additives!
  • wow. just wow.

    By cecil
    now, i've heard many a french pop song in my day, but this one really takes the cake. i mean, this is just absolutely fantastic. Soeur Sourire is just such an inspirational singer, and her songs really touch my soul. i mean come on! this stuff is amazing! Her best song has to be Dominique. its so raw and deep. i love it. although this isn't exactly, "tous les garcons et les filles" it still is regarded as some pretty damn good french pop.