Different Shades of Blue - Joe Bonamassa

Different Shades of Blue

Joe Bonamassa

  • Genre: Contemporary Blues
  • Release Date: 2014-09-23
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12
  • ℗ J&R Adventures

Different Shades of Blue ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) Joe Bonamassa 1:19
Oh Beautiful! Joe Bonamassa 5:28
Love Ain't a Love Song Joe Bonamassa 3:48
Living on the Moon Joe Bonamassa 3:21
Heartache Follows Wherever I G Joe Bonamassa 4:33
Never Give All Your Heart Joe Bonamassa 5:24
I Gave Up Everything for You, Joe Bonamassa 4:39
Different Shades of Blue Joe Bonamassa 4:39
Get Back My Tomorrow Joe Bonamassa 4:46
Trouble Town Joe Bonamassa 4:56
So, What Would I Do Joe Bonamassa 5:29


  • Hurts to give 3 stars

    By cificare
    I ADORE HIM!!!! Fell in love with the look, the sound, the funk... JUST LOVE HIM!!!!! Sadly, there is something incredibly off with this album... Maybe I'm just spoiled from hearing him live, but this album sounds like he is being drowned out by every thing and every one else. That is the main attraction: hearing HIM... That ghostly, sexy voice that drives me outta my mind and his incredible skills with his guitar!!! Take all of that away, burying it under WHATEVER all of "this" was, and you lose him... I don't think he needs to branch out, try new things... as this is what he is known for. It reminds me of when ole Garth Brooks brought out his other half... Just didn't jive with me ... LEAVE HIM BE, Nashville!
  • Review

    By Joey Denor
    Love the blues from Joe Bonamassa he is the reason I bought a Les Paul another great album from him!
  • Joe's till my fave! But this album?

    By It's just me, Man
    I have to agree with #Different Shades of Blah. Even after listening to several tracks I had to check to see if I was really listening to JB. I kept going through the tracks to try to find my beloved Joe. Don't get me wrong I'm not against change or experimentation but this album is not one that I will often play.
  • Not his best work

    By uncle-salty
    I love Joe's other work but this album leaves me wanting. Get Back My Tomorrow and Different Shades of Blue are great songs but the rest of the album is kinda flat. I think many people who write reviews are rating the artist and not the specific work. Five stars should be for an exceptional album which this is not. Not bad just not great.
  • Bonamassa = Guitar God

    By faib65
    Joe's newest album was well worth the two year wait. Loaded with quintessential Blues riffs, every one of the tracks on this album were written by Bonamassa. This man is the reason why the Blues continues to thrive for its fans. Joe's talent and commitment to the music and his fans is evident in all he does. This new album is no different.
  • Up Another Notch

    By Crown and Ginger 1
    Simply put - wow !! Bonamassa is at the top of his game - he has continued to evolve as an artist and bluesman, and this album is the culmination of this evolution. I've been a fan since early days and have listened to all his albums countless times. Different Shades of Blue combines his classical blues guitar riffs we know and love, soulful lyrics, with a more upbeat and modern blues sound (the increased presence of the horns and keyboards really works). I loved every song on this album for different reasons, but came away more impressed than ever - amazing album from one of the most underrated artists of this generation.
  • Not Live, But Great Studio

    By The Double R
    Joe is not really none for his studio albums, the clean spontaneity of his live performance is just so awesome. That said, this Cd is possibly the best studio project yet. Some rammed the horns, but thats part of the blues too, as compared to being subject to Kenny G doing sax gyrations on the studio version of Bird On A Wire, Live that song was great. Can't wait to hear these songs live.
  • Awesome

    By Anonymouse225
    He is awesome
  • not impressed

    By cowdirt
    how does this guy get away with calling this stuff blues? very overated
  • Simply Amazing

    By HeriPerez
    Love every single one of the songs they are so original. 🎶