The 1st Mini Album 'ACE' - EP - TAEMIN

The 1st Mini Album 'ACE' - EP


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2014-08-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 6
  • β„— 2014 SM Entertainment

The 1st Mini Album 'ACE' - EP β—· preview

Title Artist Time
Ace TAEMIN 3:58
Danger TAEMIN 3:11
Experience TAEMIN 3:13
Pretty Boy TAEMIN 3:43
Wicked TAEMIN 3:24
Play Me TAEMIN 3:01


  • Amazing, Show Stopping, The Absolute Best, Never The Same, Brilliant, Legendary

    By yyeexing
    This album was crafted by God himself, I'm so lucky to have been blessed with the normal human ability of hearing so I could hear this album. Bless Taemin, I love his vocals so much. He's so full of talent. Please continue to support Taemin along with Jonghyun's solo releases and SHINee as well!
  • Taemin

    By his new fan
    This man here has talent man, I'm not into SHINee but am a fan of his, this album is BOMB
  • Giving me MJ life right now!!

    By Mrs. RockKitty
    I had came across Taemin's video for Danger while binge watching everything having to do with Shinee and I have to say Taemin is killing it on his album!! Taemin definitely has come into his own with these tracks and he's definitely giving me a Michael Jackson feel that's been missing in music. If you get this album trust me you would not be disappointed by any means. My feet are firmly planted in Shinee's World and I'm not leaving!
  • Flawless

    By mirsadatuzla
    Taemin really surprised me with this album ever since I discovered him. This album made me a huge a fan of him as well, with every song beautifully composed with his own style. Also, his performances are breathtaking and his dancing technique is flawless! I can't wait for his next comeback, I hope its somewhat similar to Ace.
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍lost of Words

    By Miguel-Web
    What can i say this whole album Gives me the best feelings ever i instantly fell in love with it after listening to it and than when i first heard "Danger" it blew my mind away I love Taemin I hope he makes more albums cause this one will always be my fav but his music is amazing ❀️😍☺️✌️
  • Much love!!

    By Biebergirl1030
    I'm so proud of Taeminie and his success and I'm exceptionally proud of this mini-album. A great way to start off. Worth every penny!! I can't wait to see what Taemin has in store for the future!
  • Outstanding

    By Ziporrah
    Taemin's solo debut album is spectacular. His voice is smooth and dreamy, and he can sing from slow to fast. I love all the songs and cannot really choose one favorite. I wonder, however, why Ace is not as popular. It is quite a sexy song. Buy the album!
  • Well done, well done

    By Japan1018
    You've always been my favorite lol Taeminni, fighting!!
  • Wonderful!!!!

    By Ehashara
    Absolutely love the tracks Danger and Pretty Boy. I hadn't really ever heard of Taemin prior to this release other than 1 or 2 songs by SHInee. Have to say this has really surprised me. Excellent debut album for Taemin !! Fighting!!
  • It's totally worth it!!!

    By veah0129
    My favorite song out of this whole mini album is Danger!! I love these songs.