Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks (Live) - Joe Bonamassa

Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks (Live)

Joe Bonamassa

  • Genre: Blues
  • Release Date: 2015-03-24
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 26
  • ℗ 2015 J& R Adventures

Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks (Live) ◷ preview

Title Artist Time
We Went Down to the Mississipp Joe Bonamassa 2:50
Muddy Waters Talking (Live) Joe Bonamassa 1:04
Tiger In Your Tank (Live) Joe Bonamassa 4:30
I Can't Be Satisfied (Live) Joe Bonamassa 4:37
You Shook Me (Live) Joe Bonamassa 7:38
Stuff You Gotta Watch (Live) Joe Bonamassa 5:08
Double Trouble (Live) Joe Bonamassa 7:30
Real Love (Live) Joe Bonamassa 3:16
My Home Is On the Delta (Live) Joe Bonamassa 6:52
All Aboard (Live) Joe Bonamassa 7:19
Howlin' Wolf Talking (Live) Joe Bonamassa 0:51
How Many More Years (Live) Joe Bonamassa 6:38
Shake for Me (Live) Joe Bonamassa 5:12
Hidden Charms (Live) Joe Bonamassa 3:14
Spoonful (Live) Joe Bonamassa 7:59
Killing Floor (Live) Joe Bonamassa 3:33
Evil (Is Going On) [Live] Joe Bonamassa 6:28
All Night Boogie (All Night Lo Joe Bonamassa 5:47
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) [Liv Joe Bonamassa 1:11
Oh Beautiful! (Live) Joe Bonamassa 6:15
Love Ain't a Love Song (Live) Joe Bonamassa 5:48
Sloe Gin (Live) Joe Bonamassa 9:26
The Ballad of John Henry (Live Joe Bonamassa 8:16
Mississippi Heartbeat (Opening Joe Bonamassa 2:46
Muddy Wolf (Credits) [Live] Joe Bonamassa 3:05


  • Outstanding

    By BlueKrait
    Superb arrangements, amazing performances all around. Plus some nice song selections, including a few out of the norm. Highly recommended.
  • The best

    By Willy Loughran
    Watch out for the Red Rocks
  • Old songs new take

    By Cuzzinbri
    Amazing ear and fingers. If this mother was blind it would be the only thing to make his rendition more amazing. I can listen to this 24/7
  • Keeping the blues alive

    By epee fencer
    Look, I get that Joe doesn’t play these tunes with the same soul that Muddy Waters or Howling Wolf did. Joe didn’t grow up on those cotton plantations and live the lives those great blues innovators did. What I do give Joe, Gary Clark, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, etc. credit for is keeping blues alive and teaching new generations what real music played by real musicians is like. Give the guy a break.
  • Red Rocks

    By DylanFan4Ever
    Frankly I've never heard of this guy until I went on FaceBook this morning and Billboard was giving away one of his albums "FREE" so I promptly opened my i-Tunes and decided to give him a listen. If I liked what I heard then of course I would download is free! Sorry, I feel that he would only be taking up room on my computer and i-pod. The guy is good no doubt...."BUT".... his guitar playing is thin (no real drive) and his songs are boring. He would never compare to rockers like SRV or KWS who perfected their craft before they put out their first album. Like I said, the guy's good but I think I'll save my money. His style of playing just doesn't do it for me.
  • The Best

    By Giohamas
    Joe you are the best! You'll be remembered next to Muddy, Clapton, B.B, Buddy Guy, Hendrix, Ray Vaughn. This is a Tribut album a good one.... But you still owe us that Unforgettable Album for you to be remembered. C'mon! You are way better than that monotonous solo in "You Shook Me".
  • Holy Cow.

    By Andrewalker7
    This live show puts a "modern" twist on the blues classics, and Joe does his magic per usual. It's fantastic, especially with a double trouble legend at the keys. Negativity only can go so far; If you don't like it, then why listen to it? Maybe Creed or Nickelback is more your style, if you find this to be "bad". But hey, it's all subjective.
  • Living the blues

    By se12281947
    To: MacReverb2 & Binger14 I agree with your assessment. The songs here will never sound like the old blues. Muddy, Otis Rush, Jonny Lang, Albert Lee, etc. played the blues because they lived it. They sang from their misery.
  • Thank you, Joe Bonamassa

    By US Marine Doc
    Joe Bonamassa is a giant among his contemporaries, a true talent in an era when most music is lacking any real depth or substance. What a talented young man! I've always said most real music died around 1972. However, contemporary musicians like Joe give me hope and make me realize good music is still alive. In my opinion Joe stands shoulder to shoulder with the great guitarists like Clapton, Stevie Ray, Hendrix, D. Allman, and Gary Moore. This tribute to the Blues and Blues legends is right up there with, what I think was Clapton's best album, "From the Cradle". Thank you, Joe Bonamassa!!
  • A musical treat

    By Darkhorse65
    Its great when modern day artist pay their respects to those that came before. Joe does just this with this release. If a young person listens and is inspired to go back to the masters than I say thank you and well done Mr. Bonamassa well done indeed